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Small Kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of any home. For this reason, whether a large layout or small space, it is absolutely imperative to make these spaces as beautiful as they are functional. Decorating a small kitchen can be challenging because it takes careful planning and an eye for scale in order to fit all essential elements from storage and counter space to appliances in a limited area. DIY remodelers should not be intimidated by tackling these unique makeovers. With our collection of the most popular small kitchen ideas including simple remodeling tips you will have everything you need to transform any outdated space. Get ready to say goodbye to clutter and hello to fabulous kitchen updates that make even the smallest layout appear as a luxurious open design. Your dream room is just a click away.  


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Small kitchens may seem bothersome to navigate, find room for storage, or clear enough counter space for food prep work, however, you can make your space more functional using a few simple design concepts and do it yourself tips. Any well-designed kitchen layout maximizes efficiency while minimizing unsightly clutter, this is especially true in smaller spaces. A great technique to begin is to browse our home décor galleries filled with fabulous small kitchen design pictures sure to inspire even the most indecisive remodeler. The best decorating ideas for these rooms feature well thought-out layouts, clever storage solutions and, above all, fabulous design sure to make any gourmet chef feel at home. In no time, your tiny rooms can be transformed into an absolutely unforgettable dream kitchen.


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The best layouts for tiny kitchens are clean and simple, free of clutter that may overwhelm already limited counter space. Remember our small room ideas and decorating tips, and then translate them throughout your new kitchen design. The key to making areas appear larger is minimizing unsightly clutter that can crowd an already limited design. Making sure that countertops are free of mini appliances, cooking utensils, and random odds and ends can free up work space as well as give the small kitchen layout that larger open feel. A free kitchen design tool can be a fabulous benefit to do it yourself remodelers as they allow you to experiment with dozens layout and décor styles at the click of the mouse prior to committing to a single blueprint. Decorating your small space has never been easier.


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One of the most important remodeling factors to consider when designing a tiny kitchen is incorporating adequate storage space. Because there are significantly fewer options than in larger layouts, it is imperative to select the right small kitchen design ideas incorporating cabinet varieties and appliance models to take advantage of all available space. Floor to ceiling cabinet styles are best for limited layouts as they maximize storage space while utilizing the height of your room. You can even purchase models that are narrower than standard varieties, great for adding valuable inches of floor space to that limited floor plan.  Small kitchen islands with seating are another outstanding option for creating additional shelf space. Whether stationary or carts style, an island with built in cabinets plays double duty in organizing your room, providing valuable storage as well as extra counter space for cooking and prep work.

Utilizing popular paint color ideas is a great way to distract from a small floor plan to give the appearance of larger spaces. The best kitchen colors for a small room are light shades that give the illusion of open areas as opposed to darker hues that can create a cave-like feel and make limited floor plans look tiny and cluttered. Our favorite options for 2016 include crisp greys and cool blues or rich warm yellows. The right type of lighting can make a significant difference in your small kitchens as well. A well illuminated room will make tinier layouts appear more spacious. Many pros and cons of light sources such as fluorescent, halogen or LED. However, our favorite radiance design ideas is subtle natural light. Incorporate at least one large window in your small kitchen design to provide lovely lighting and the impression of a larger floor plan.

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