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If you are asking yourself “Who can help me design my bathroom?” many suggestions would point towards interior designers or professional contractors. However, nowadays when homeowners opt to renovate their houses, whether it is the bathroom, kitchen, or landscape, they are turning towards the numerous 3d home modeling software programs on the market to help them with their designs. Whether you are looking for simple bathroom ideas to make the most out of a small space or more extravagant designs with a Jacuzzi tub, these programs are unique in that they provide you with help in all steps of the remodeling process. Beginning with custom blueprints and layouts, all the way to the paint color or finish on the cabinets they can help you learn how to redesign a dream bathroom! Keep reading to find out more information about our 3D bathroom design software reviews and free online download opportunities that are available to you and your friends.


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Computer aided design, or CAD, programs are the newest in home improvement apps as they help do it yourselfers organize, build, and keep track of every step of their projects. These programs offer a wide variety of features including pre-created sample layouts, the ability to generate custom floor plans with accurate dimensions, a myriad of flooring choices, various cabinetry selections, as well as beautiful pictures of bathrooms to give you inspiration for your designs. However, with companies competing to produce the best program on the market, choosing from the wide selection can be a little overwhelming. However, by searching through customer reviews and product summaries you can get a better feel for what options are available. The top 2014 bathroom software reviews put SmartDraw and Punch! as the leading contenders. Both of these 3D drafting software programs boast amazing graphics, the ability to create timelines for project management, and almost an infinite choices of tile, furniture, fixtures, and lights, all at your finger tips.





Looking for modish tile designs, chic shower faucets, and other stylish ways to incorporate a mixture of your modern bathroom ideas into this space? The wide selection of home design programs can help you to create the perfect bathroom in your house, whether it is a master bath suite following a traditional or modern design or a child’s bathroom with exciting and playful decorations. Punch! has multiple versions of an array of products, each with different features such as 2014 photos of bathroom remodels help you find inspiration for this space. Look for their specific bath tile planning software helps you design custom flooring ranging from eclectic styles such as unique textures and ultra bright colors, or more classic designs such as hexagonal tiles in black and white colors. These programs are great for organizing your ideas for small bathrooms because you can upload the exact dimensions of your room, include where doorways and windows are located, and factor in where plumbing is located.


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Need help with your bath tile ideas like which color is best to you in this room, which material is best for flooring, or which finish should be used? HGTV offers an easy bathroom designer software that comes with free technical support and How-to videos to get you started on your new plans. These tutorials help to answer all of your questions from “How do I choose the right tile for the shower?” to “How do I begin to design my bathroom layout?” Similarly, 20 20 markets a home organization program, called Fusion that has the capabilities to help with all your house plans, but also has a custom bath layout design tool specifically for this space. If you are unsure if this type of program is what you are looking for, you can download a demo version that will provide you with a look into what it offers. Testing out this freeware verion of bathroom design software is a great way to learn how to use the program, see what tools are available, and personally compare it to other products on the market.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money purchasing an expensive bathroom modeling program, there are a variety of free downloads available online that have a wide range of features, design tools, and sample layouts. Which program you decide to download will depend largely on what things you are looking for in these types of software, so it is important to research online to see what products are available. When reviewing free home design software you should look for things such as the number of features accessible in the program, the brand name of the product, and how long the download is available. Often times companies will offer a free trial of their program to entice customers to buy the full version, however these downloads will either have less features than the full version or only last for a limited amount of time, usually around 30 days. For example, a free hgtv software download is available for a few weeks while Punch! offers older versions of their programs online that do not have all of the advanced features present in the newer products.


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Not interested in downloading a new program to your PC or Mac? You also have the option of using an online bathroom design tool that does not require any new software to be installed on your computer. You may be asking yourself “Where do I learn how to design my bathroom online without downloading software?”  There are a variety of websites that offer these online design programs, typically free of charge! The most popular online bathroom layout design tool is Homestyler, offered by Autodesk. This program provides you with a free, online bathroom designing tool from which you can create custom floor plans, choose from a variety of flooring, tiling, and color options, and even view real images of products and fixtures that can be installed. What’s more, you can even save and upload images of your remodeled bathrooms to share with your friends and family. Now you can get friendly pointers on your layout, advice on what color scheme to use, and feedback on your extravagant walk in shower design ideas that include a steam room, colorful tile, and glass doors.



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