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Bathroom Decorations


Look at the latest best bathroom décor ideas and pictures for 2016 to get inspiration as you plan your new home remodel.  Whether you are a do it yourself remodeler or hiring experienced professionals, our online bathroom showrooms will provide you with the latest contemporary trends, products and décor schemes that will help you transform your room into the relaxing sanctuary of your dreams.  A bathroom can be a luxurious retreat but must also be well-designed and functional to ensure that the space will meet your daily needs and hectic schedule.  The perfect layout, design theme and color palette will not only set the tone of the space, but can determine the functionality of your new bathroom.


Bathroom Decor Ideas

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Our latest galleries of bathroom decor ideas and pictures are filled with the latest popular trends and must have items to include in your new space. Here you will find the latest in popular fixtures, cabinetry, color palates and lavish features to fit your space and help you to create the beautiful bathroom of your dreams. There are many important elements to consider when planning a well-designed bathroom including fixtures, flooring, cabinetry and tile shower designs.  However the most essential aspect in creating an efficient space and establishing the foundation of your design scheme is the bath vanity as they provide storage, counter space and decorative styling.  Bath vanities with tops come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, finishes and prices to fit any layout or bathroom decor. 


Bathroom Decorating

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A single sink cabinet is perfect for a small room, while a larger vanity is the better choice in a master bathroom or shared space for kids.  Unique bathroom vanity ideas can bring style and contemporary decorating to your space as well.  For example, consider a piece of furniture such as a dresser or armoire as your bath cabinet with an artistic vessel sink mounted on top.  If you are remodeling on a budget, purchase cheap vanities that are unfinished and paint them yourself with a whimsical design perfect for a kid’s space to create a look that appears like you spent hundreds. Determining the best bathroom wall decor ideas and floor plan is especially important when you are decorating for small bathrooms.  First and foremost, choose light cabinetry and a pale color palette for the walls to make the space look as open as possible. 


Bathroom Wall Decor

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Large expanses of darker bold colors enclose the bathroom space and give it a cave-like feel.  The best beautiful bathroom paint colors for small spaces often include tranquil pale blues and teals for the walls with crisp white cabinetry and moldings.  If you prefer bright bold hues over traditional lighter paints, these can be brought in with vibrant textiles, small unique accent pieces and rugs.  Popular ultra modern bathroom design ideas is also an especially good addition to small bathrooms because the sleek and minimalist nature of these fixtures and decorative items will not clutter your tiny space.  If you prefer a more vintage feel, consider a trendy black and white theme with nickel fixtures.  More great tips and small bathroom ideas include incorporating multiuse elements such as decorative vanity mirrors that provide hidden storage.


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