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It is no surprise that building a deck design plan for your home is a great way to not only increase the retail value of your home but also improve the overall look and curb appeal as well. The addition of a deck also adds some extra living space to your home. There are a variety of different options for deck design that will increase your living area and thus enhance your outdoor living experience. Decks have been turned into outdoor kitchens and living rooms that are used to entertain guests and enjoy time with family. The design of many decks are becoming more and more elaborate with additions such as outdoor fireplaces to either cook meals or warm up by the fire on cooler nights. While most elaborately designed decks are larger and contain more square footage of space, you do not need a lot of space to build or remodel a beautiful wooden deck design that you will love.



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This article focuses on small decks with railing design ideas, best building materials, and blue prints for the DIY homeowner to spruce up their home. You may think that because your deck is too small to be used often or the area around your home is too small to build a decent sized deck to entertain, but you are wrong. With the proper design and decoration, you can turn even the smallest deck into a cozy outdoor retreat. The key is to make the most out of the space that you have. If you are building your timber wood deck from scratch, you may be wondering how to build a small deck. The first thing you must keep in mind that it does not have to be large in order to perform its function. If you plan on entertaining guests or serving meals outside when the weather is nice then you should make sure your deck is large enough to comfortably set up an outdoor dining set with a little bit of space for extra seating.

If you only have a small area to build your deck then you can create the illusion of a large space by using a few simple deck ideas for small yards. Try to build a small concrete patio instead of a small deck as patio is a good replacement for small yard deck ideas because it is flat against the ground, does not over power the yard, and blends with the patio landscaping. Patios provide a space for people to sit or stand while at the same time, not confining them to the small patio ideas alone. For those homeowners who have an above the ground pool, you can build a small deck with an open front to create the illusion of more spaceThey lack stairs and railings so it is easy for you to enter the yard or simply extend your gathering out into the yard a little bit to make room for more people.


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Without the railings people are not confined to the area of the small patio designs or deck alone. Another simple addition that will increase the space of your deck is to build the stairs along the whole side of the deck. This again gives the illusion of more space by blending the yard with the deck. An additional trick to make your deck seem larger is to think outside the box and build it with curves. For those of you with small yards looking for small backyard designs with a deck, you can curve your deck around your house to add more space to the deck without taking up too much yard area. The next step to enhancing your small deck is to decorate it. Decorating a small deck is a fairly simple task. You want to make sure to pick furniture that does not overcrowd the deck. An easy way to enhance your deck and patio storage space ideas but also provide enough seating is look for furniture made specifically for small decks.

Outdoor furniture ideas for a deck often doubles as seating and storage so that you can make full use of your space. You can either build or buy benches with storage to go on the sides of your deck, surrounding the perimeter so save room and provide enough seating. You can also purchase a fold down table that can easily be folded up when you need more space. Additional small deck decorating ideas include the addition of plants and decorations. You can build a flower garden or pots along the edges of the deck or place them on the railings in railing pots. In addition, if you are looking for deck roof ideas that will improve the overall look of your deck you can hang potted plants from your deck roof. As long as you don’t overcrowd your deck, you can build or remodel any small deck to enhance its function and create the ultimate outdoor sanctuary.


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