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There are many different aspects of the design that you need to consider, such as the color of the walls, what type of storage should be put in the room, and what the purpose of the room would be. An important factor in diy home renovation is deciding on the best flooring materials for your home.  These two rooms are originally built with concrete floors throughout, making for a drab and not so pleasant look to them. However, there are many different options to choose from when it comes to replacing or covering up the dull concrete flooring. A popular material that is being used today is rubber floor covering ideas.  Rubber flooring is a versatile and durable system that can be perfect for multiple areas of your home in addition to being environmentally friendly. Rubber floor materials are most commonly used in areas such as the basement or garage flooring. This article discusses rubber flooring materials and how they can be used throughout your home.



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As the name suggests, this type of floor system is made out of rubber; it is made from a rubber tree, a plant that can act as a renewable resource. This makes this type of floor very environmentally friendly. In addition to being made straight from a rubber tree, rubber floors can be made from recycled rubber materials such as old auto tires. This rubber is recycled and made into rubber floor systems to create a hard rubber surface that is durable and able to be used in a variety of locations. This type of material is also extremely durable and can with stand a lot of pressure and use. It can be cleaned easier as it does not allow liquid to soak in, unlike floor carpet ideas with rug and mats. The spill will sit on the top of the rubber which allows for much faster and easier cleanup of any messes.Two of the most popular locations to install this type of floor are the basement and garage. This system comes in a variety of types, you can get rubber floor tiles, mats, or rolls of rubber to place in your room. The rolls of rubber flooring are perfect for using in a large space such as the garage because installations can be quick and easy.




Simply measure out the dimensions of your garage plans and select the size rolls you need. The mats range from one-fourth of an inch thick to three-fourths of an inch thick; you can also get mats in ten foot widths or four foot widths depending on the store you purchase them from. For example, if you garage measures 20 x 20 feet then you could purchase two ten foot rolls that measure twenty feet in length to cover your entire floor. Another type of floor system you could get is interlocking rubber tiles. These tiles easily install in that they attach to your existing concrete floors by adhesive glue that is applied to the bottom of the tiles. The only downside to these rubber floor tiles is that the concrete needs to be scrubbed and degreased in order for the tiles to adhere properly. This can be a very timely process. If you wish to install the floors quickly, this is where rubber garage floor mats come in handy; these are interlocking mats that are pieced together on top of the existing concrete. They do not require to be glued down and thus can simple be placed on top of the current floor.



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Whether you use interlocking tiles or mats when installing rubber floors, these are extremely durable and can withstand all kinds of spills. This strength makes rubber a good choice when installing new garage floors. Tiles or mats are also good choices for rubber basement flooring because if there is a spill or flood you can simply remove the tile or mat in that area and clean up the mess then replace the existing piece. This type of floor is also a very good material to use in gyms or work out rooms; if you have a home gym in your house you should consider using a rubber flooring sheet to cover the room. Because of its durability, the rubber can withstand a lot of traffic in and out of the room, it can also withstand the pressure of weights being thrown or dropped on top of it. Another benefit of rubber exercise flooring is that is soft on your joints; unlike harder surfaces, the rubber adds so bounce and softness to it to prevent any aches and pains while exercising. Another great place to put rubber laminate flooring is in the kitchen. This material is great for a kitchen that is room that has high traffic and is prone to multiple spills throughout. It is resistant to damage from dropping pots and pans or wear and tear from a crowded room.



Rubber kitchen flooring ideas are often used in commercial setting such as restaurants and cafeterias; however it is becoming popular in homes as well. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns so you can create any look you want to work well with your home design. On top of being great for kitchens, floors made from rubber are also great to put in bathrooms. A bathroom can be a very wet area, and with water from the shower or bathtub all over the tile floors it can produce a slippery and dangerous place. Rubber flooring ideas for a bathroom can decrease the risk of falls in that it is much more grip-able when wet than tiles are. The material is waterproof so the liquid will simply sit on the surface for easy cleanup, making it a great floor system for bathrooms. In addition to being used in your home, this material can be used as outdoor patio flooring for special events. Temporary outdoor rubber flooring can be much more attractive and stronger than simple tarps spread out. It can be easily installed as well as stored in a location for multiple uses. Also, in addition to being used indoors, rubber can be used as deck floor tiles outside producing a great floor system to host any type of event.


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