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Building a small house can be tough; ideally we would like to have as much space as possible, however, often times we are not afforded a large house plan with construction area. However, there are many different small house plans and designs to choose from that make the most out the space you have to create a beautiful and cozy home. The key to building a small house is to use a floor plan that utilizes the existing space in beneficial ways. Popular small home design ideas in 2017 included using open floor plans, eliminating unused extra rooms, and incorporating storage units into the walls. These ideas will stay in style into 2017, however, the new trend in small home design is to create simple, multi functional rooms. No matter the style you are looking for, this article will provide any DIY homeowner with ideas to create unique small house designs and floor plans.


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When you do not have a lot of room for your house, it is important to choose a floor plan and layout that makes the most out of the small space you are given. As a result, it is a good idea to start planning early, and enlist the help of a professional or home design software. Home design software programs are excellent tools to use when constructing the floor plan of your future house because they allow you to create digital blue prints and 3D images of the building. You can create several different designs with accurate measurements to virtual build your perfect home. There are software programs that can be purchased to download onto your computer, or you can design a small house online for free. Professional software that you must purchase tends to be more advanced than online free home design programs that create small home floor plans online. Programs that are purchased have more features that allow you to not only build your home, but decorate and paint it as well.

These advanced programs include a catalog of the most popular materials and décor used for the 2017 year as well as trends that are becoming popular for 2017. DIY home design ideas for small spaces focus on using choosing colors and styles that will open up the area and create functional, multipurpose rooms. While you are designing the layout and floor plan for your house, it is important to think about the style you would like your home to portray. There are a variety of custom home designs for small homes that reflect various styles including modern, contemporary, and country styles. If you are trying to achieve a modern look, make sure to keep your overall design simple. Small house plans should focus on creating sleek, simple lines and incorporate elements such as steel and glass into the design. Open floor plans are very popular for modern styled homes to create multipurpose rooms that join two areas together. The dining room, kitchen, and living room can all be adjoined without walls to create one large room free of clutter and overcrowding. Similar styles and layouts should be considered when designing a contemporary home as well.


Home Design Ideas


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Tiny modern home design should be kept simple in both the layout and décor, and incorporate large communal rooms into the floor plan. The biggest idea behind contemporary design is to decorate each room for its intended purpose and maintain a minimalistic style. Removing the walls that separate the dining room and living room is a common occurrence in contemporary house design as it opens up the space and provides a large area for friends and families to gather. Other popular design styles for petite homes include country and cottage motifs. The key to achieving a beautiful country styled home is to focus on function and revert back to the simpler ways of life. Small country house designs should include features such as large front porches, gable roofs with dormers, and interior décor such as brick fireplaces and wood furniture. Natural elements should be incorporated into this design including brick and wood to create a more homey feel. Although country styles typically bring about images of old farm homes, this style is very versatile and includes designs such as Victorian homes and cottages.

Small cottage house plans are very similar to country styles and should include wood floors with beautifully framed windows and ornately carved wood fixtures. When decorating the inside of the home, consider using fabrics with checkerboard, striped and floral patterns and pale colored walls to give the space a cozy feel. To get inspiration for your décor, you can view award winning small home design gallery online with images from professionally decorated homes and the most popular designs of 2012. Once you have determined the general style and layout of your home it is time to focus on the individual rooms and decorating. The most popular small room ideas focus on incorporating storage into walls and using natural light to brighten, and open up the area. Keep in mind that the way you style a room is very important if the space is small. Particular layouts, decorations, and colors work best in tiny areas so make sure to consider this beforehand. One of the most popular rooms of the house to remodel is the bathroom. Because it is such a small space, it is the easiest rooms to renovate, however there is limited room for extensive décor.


Small Room Ideas


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Popular small bathroom design ideas focus on opening up the space and using multifunctional pieces such as shower tub combinations and sink vanities with storage underneath. For tiny bathrooms and light paint colors should be used to create a brighter space. In addition, natural lighting or bright fixtures open up the room more, creating the illusion of a larger area. If you are unsure of how to remodel or decorate your home, interior design ideas and pictures can be found online offering images of the most popular style trends to inspire your décor. The best way to get inspiration for your home is to look at images of the most popular interior décor that are trending in 2017. These images offer design plans for simple houses to more elaborately designed luxury homes. For those homeowners with little space but a large budget, you can find a variety of small luxury house plans with photos online to help you choose the perfect layout for you.


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