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Bedrooms containing large luxurious closets like those found in extravagant million dollar mansions are the dream of any homeowner.  However, due to space and budget constraints many of us cannot incorporate a lavish high square footage storage space into our own home.  Fortunately, we have many unique ideas to solve your storage problems and create a beautiful closet in any size space that will feel like the luxurious dream rooms found on the pages of your favorite design magazines. Browse our diy closet design ideas, storage solutions and photos for inspiration to achieve the ultimate well-organized spaces in your own home. Let us show you what is new in closet and bedroom design for 2016.  From great storage tips to the ultimate in closet overhauls, here you will find our best diy home design ideas and latest photo galleries with easy solutions that will help you create the striking and functional space of your dreams. 


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Walk-in closets are the fantasy of nearly every woman as they provide a huge customized space for clothes and accessories while allowing for unique decorative storage options to increase design and decrease clutter.  The best master bedroom ideas with walk in closets greatly increase the value and appeal of a home as well as ensure that all of your personal items have a well organized place of their own.  Our extraordinary walkin closet design photos will give you the tools and ideas necessary to create a decorative and highly functional space in your own home on any budget.  Draw inspiration from our gallery of home decorating ideas with photos to learn how to combine these ideas and organizational solutions in a manner that is functional as well as beautiful, allowing you to get the most effective use of your space.  Our online closet design tools will show you everything you need to know to create a beautiful space, from how to plan your layout and choose the best storage system to incorporating a décor scheme and everything in between.





Planning a fantastic closet utilizing cool room design ideas will help you meet storage needs while creating a unique and decorative customized space for all of your clothing, shoes and accessories.  Lack of closet space is an almost universal complaint among homeowners – however, the real problem is generally that the area available is very poorly utilized.  Professional closet design consultants agree that the most important things to consider when determining how to organize your home are the area available, type of storage you need and who will be the primary users of the space.  For example, kids room designs should incorporate miniature clothing bars installed at lower heights so that they can reach hang-up items on their own.  Closets for females, on the other hand, could include unique and functional details such as dedicated cubby holes for shoe storage, large purse racks or drawer inserts for underwear.  Use our expert ideas to craft the fantastic closet of your dreams no matter the size of your space or the budget you are working in.


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The words closet and design are rarely synonymous with each other, however there is no reason that an organized and functional space cannot be beautiful as well.  Walk in closet decorating can be quite easy with the large selection of customizable design products available in today’s marketplace to make your space look more like a room than just a drab nook to store your clothing.   To achieve looks found in interior decorating pictures, choose storage organizers in unique finishings suited for a more high profile project like decorating a bedroom.  For example, look for organizational items in materials such as basket weave or colorful textile patterns to coordinate the bedroom closet with the rest of your décor scheme.  Shelving and drawer units are also available in a wide variety of materials and color palettes including rich woods and cheerful colored plastics.  Display your favorite shoes, purses or jewelry on shelves or class front cabinets to showcase your fantastic style as well as provide an easy and unique design element.  Use our tips and tricks for the diy closet organizer in order to get the most out of your existing space.

With the huge availability and wide variety of products available in today’s marketplace, organizing your closet has never been easier.  Retailers offer a myriad of storage and organizational products for your home in dozens of materials, finishes and price points.  Check out our latest online showrooms for great images that will give you inspiration for products and features to incorporate as you design your own closet.   Our favorite extravagant closet design trends of 2016 incorporate many of the latest best bath décor ideas.   For example, custom sliding closet doors come  in a variety of finishes to coordinate well with existing bed or bathroom décor schemes as well as unique interchangeable pieces such as a shoe rack or lingerie drawer that can be brought into your personalized storage system.  Do it yourself closet systems are another great way to achieve the same custom look of extravagant designs found in magazines and luxury photo galleries.  These versatile products allow you to choose the pieces you need in elegant finishes to make your space look like it is filled with rich wood furniture rather than cheap closet organizers. 


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Even though massive walk-in closets are generally only found in large homes, using our creative solutions you can create the feel of a luxurious space no matter what size area you are working in.  If your closet has small square footage there are several important things to remember. Don’t forget our most popular small bedroom ideas so when designing your space keep creative ways of utilizing limited floor space in mind.  Maximize small walk in closet designs by taking your storage vertical. Install custom tall shelving units and stacked clothing bars to ensure that every inch is used. For even more unique closet ideas for small rooms also consider handy multiuse elements such as shelving units with hooks for hats or purses along the edges, or hanging sweater or shoe organizers that can be placed on your clothing racks. Small closet storage is quite versatile, as long as you choose the right products for the job your design and organization will not suffer. Whether you have a large walk in or a small nook dedicated to clothing storage, you are sure to find inspiration and organization solutions in our extensive design ideas and galleries of closet remodeling images.


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