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When remodeling your home, an important things to consider is the interior design of each room. Replacing the floors, adding new light fixtures, and updating your furniture are all great ways to enhance the area and create a beautiful space, but what many homeowners over look is the importance of paint. Learning about the best interior paint colors 2016 you will find out that the wall colour is a key component of any room design because they take up the majority of the space. The colors you choose for your walls are essential to the overall look of your room. Paint colors for your house interior can be difficult to choose because the right color can make or break the style and mood of each room. As a result, many homeowners feel that selecting paint colors for interior design is a daunting and difficult task.


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At DIY Home Designs Ideas we want to make this process easier by providing you with information and tips on finding the most popular interior paint colors and 2016 design trends. This article focuses on interior paint colors trends and advice to help you make the right color selection for your home. How to choose interior paint colors for your home will depend on your style as well as the size of the room and its shape. The best room color ideas are infinite, including choices from the entire span of the rainbow, however, certain color schemes can enhance the look of a room, opening it up and creating a relaxing feel to the space. When picking colors for homes, determine what type of mood you would like to set in each room. Interior design ideas should incorporate color schemes that create a relaxing and sensual atmosphere, while kitchens should be brighter and use colors that stimulate the appetite and living rooms should employ hues with a warm and cozy feel.


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After determining what type of mood you would like to achieve, it is important to focus on the size and shape of the room you are painting. Lighter color matching can enhance a room, opening it up and creating a brighter environment while dark hues can sometimes make a room feel smaller and cramped. The key to finding the best home paint colors for 2016 is choosing hues that complement each other and are right for each particular room. Adding accent colors that will blend will with one primary hue will also add to the overall design of your home. Most popular interior paint colors 2016 change from year to year, however, lighter shades tend to be used more often to brighten a room and create the illusion of extra space. Light from windows or fixtures will reflect well off of paler colors, illuminating your favorite home decor ideas and opening up the room.


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Dark colors will absorb rather than reflect the light and create a feeling of a smaller space. It is better not to use dark colors in small room ideas such as the bathroom and bedroom. If you prefer the darker hues, it is important to incorporate accent colors into your design. Choose lighter more neutral tones for the ceiling and base boards to add contrast to your dark shades and add more openness to the room. This creates a focal point in the room, drawing the eyes attention to that wall without overpowering your senses. The most popular wall paint colors will change from year to year with different shades and combinations being favored over others. This year, the top paint trends in interior paint colors in 2016  focused on best shades of grays, light gray-blues, earthy tones such as antique browns and mustard yellows, as well as a few rosy pinks to add a feminine touch to the design.


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