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The basement is one of the most valuable areas in a home because they provide you with extra space for storage, as well as a place to create additional rooms in the house. The design ideas for homes with basements are endless, including plans that create a space to store extra clothing or furniture, guest rooms, or spacious home theaters and bars. Because you have so many options to choose from, it is often difficult to decide how to renovate your basement. The best way to make this process easier is to look photo galleries of the top basement ideas and pictures. Decorating photos provide you with inspiration by showing you the various design and layout options you can incorporate into your basement. Here you can find an assortment of helpful images and the best basement photos from 2016 of various designs, including both finished and unfinished rooms with a variety of different décor options. In addition, we offer a gallery of basement remodeling pictures before and after the renovation in order to show you what you can do with your existing space.



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The most important feature of a renovated basement is whether or not it is finished. An unfinished basement tends to be dull and lifeless, only to be used as storage space for old items to collect dust and cob webs. However, finished basements, are more functional, providing additional rooms to the house, more design options, and increasing the resale value of your home. Finished basement images show homes that have transformed these formerly drab spaces into elaborate home theaters, game rooms, apartments or luxury guest suites. If you have an unfinished basement that you are looking to remodel, consider taking on this project yourself. Finishing basement walls is a relatively easy diy project that can be completed with the right tools and instructions. After water proofing the area, and ensuring that all pipes and plumbing are working properly, you should frame and insulate the walls. Framing basement walls requires evenly placing wood studs along the walls to create a mount for the drywall. After the studs have been placed, it is time to install insulation.

Insulating basement walls is important to create an energy efficient space that does not loose heat or cool air. You can quickly and easily install insulation by placing it in between ceiling beams as well as amid the wood studs on the walls. Once the insulation is put in you can complete the wall construction by installing dry wall. Take a look at our basement refinishing pics to see how to complete this process. You can view a variety of renovation photos that will show the before and after shots of these remodeling projects for some great diy home design ideas. After constructing basic framing and walls of your basement, the next step is to install flooring. Because this is often a dark and damp area, the best flooring for basements are waterproof options such as tile, vinyl, linoleum, or pvc wood flooring. The cheapest, and easiest way to create a beautiful floor for your basement is to paint or stain the existing concrete surface. Our basement pictures so a variety of different color and style options for paints and stains that create a gorgeous look for this room.


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If you prefer a more traditional look, consider using various types of tiling in this area. You can purchase ceramic, vinyl, or plastic tiles to use throughout your basement in an assortment of different colors and designs. A popular choice for this area is plastic tiling that is made to look like hardwood. With this type of flooring you get the beautiful look of wood, however, because it is made from plastic you do not have to worry about the boards warping or becoming damaged from moisture. You can view our basement photo gallery to see images of the different types of flooring options to help you choose the right material for your home. Another great flooring option for areas with a dryer climate is carpet. Carpet is a terrific choice for basement flooring because it provides a lush, warm surface for an otherwise cool, rigid area. Basement carpet ideas depend on the function of the room and can range from plush high pile carpeting for lounging to firmer low pile choices for offices. High pile carpeting is great for use in TV rooms, home theaters, or basement family rooms.

Low pile is more appropriate for basement bedrooms, bar areas, or offices as they offer more mobility rather than comfort. Because the basement is such a large space in your home, it can be used to create a variety of different rooms. Simple basement ideas include guest bedrooms, a home theater, office area, or den. House plans with basements can even use this space to incorporate a guest apartment into their home. Pictures of remodeled basements show guest suites complete with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living space. Take a look at our basement photo galleries to see 2016’s top design ideas and styles for guest bedrooms and basement apartments. You can find many images of basement bathroom ideas, including small pictures of small half baths that can be used for freshening up as well as larger master suites complete with spacious showers and Jacuzzi tubs. If you prefer to make this area a space for your friends and family to gather, consider creating a living room or den in your basement.


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Although the basement is a great area for guest rooms or a family living space, it is also the perfect location for a man cave. A man cave is a room or area in the home that is dedicated to the men of the household that acts as their private sanctuary to spend time by themselves, drink a few beers with the guys and watch sports. Popular man cave ideas include themes centered around a sports team, or spaces made to resemble their favorite bar and grill. For the sports fanatic, a man cave designed around football, basketball, baseball or hockey is the perfect way to make him feel at home. Our online basement photos show pictures of the top 2016 design ideas and themes for a man cave adorned with memorable sports paraphernalia. Basement bars are also a great feature to incorporate into a man cave or living space that is constructed down there. Photos of bars in basements show simple mini bar set ups to larger, more elaborate designs that are built to look like a real bar or restaurant. Make sure to look at our picture gallery for bar decoration inspiration.


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