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Look at our popular online photo gallery of best deck designs ideas and pictures to find inspiration of how to plan your new structure and quickly transform your space into an outdoor retreat.  Regardless of the area size, budget or preferred style, your favorite deck and screened in porch ideas can be implemented in any home to enhance exterior living areas and give your family and friends a unique space to relax away from the TV.  There are many types of decks and patios that will allow you to continue your outdoor entertaining through a variety of seasonal weather.  Look to DIY Home Design Ideas for an abundance of free backyard deck images, plans and guides for how to install designs that will be comfortable and functional for your family while still blending well with your existing landscape. No need to consult with an expensive professional landscape designer, instead look to use our easy diy outdoor designs and gallery of deck photos to transform your space into a backyard oasis.


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When embarking on your exterior diy remodeling project it is important to first decide yard location, layout, special features to include and the budget of your new deck.   Start by looking at our popular new free photo gallery of 2016 deck design ideas for a variety of style and feature options, then decide which look fits best with your existing landscape, home design scheme and regional climate.  Also look around your neighborhood or at outdoor deck images in local magazines to determine what styles and features may be essential in your area.  In regions known for blistering summers wall fans can be installed on the surrounding walls of your deck to circulate air during these hot months.  If you live in a particularly rainy or sunny climate that would require shade or protection from the elements consider including a shelter into your deck design.  There are many types and designs of pergolas on decks and covered patios that will allow you to continue your outside entertaining through a variety of weather. 


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Pics of wood decks show a wide variety of materials and finishes to choose from.  From wrought iron railings to imported tropical woods, the number of options available can be overwhelming to the do it yourself remodeler.  Choice of wood should reflect your décor scheme, climate and maintenance level.   For the best veranda decking the lumbar of choice is often tongue and groove style yellow pine because it is sturdy and evokes the timeless old fashioned feel of the décor scheme.  Other popular deck materials of 2016 gallery of deck pictures include tropical hardwoods, softwoods and a variety of new synthetic options.  Composite is often the preference for decking frame construction because it is sturdy, cheap and requires little maintenance.  Good choices for posts, balusters and deck railing ideas are hardwoods such as cedar or redwood because they have a more decorative feel while still easy to maintain. You can even purchase ready made wooden decking kits if you do not feel qualified to choose materials on your own. Also look for online specialty shops to order timber decking and have it delivered straight to your home.

Now that you have determined your design and lumber type it is time to frame out and build your new deck.  House deck pics show a variety of styles and techniques for creating the base for your structure.  The frame can be set directly on the grass or dirt for a ground-level structure or, like in the most popular contemporary designs shown in landscaping pictures, raised a couple feet above the ground.  How to frame out your new deck consider features of the exterior of your home such as doors or windows, as well as existing trees or plants that may be in the planned patio area.  If you look at galleries of luxury homes with photos of outside living spaces, you will decks with trees and other landscaping features built into the deck.  You can bring this look into your own yard by framing the deck around large existing trees or architectural features.  With these easy tricks and tips it is easy to create professional looking deck designs that fit your specifications.

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The right deck design will transform your outdoor space into a relaxing and inviting gathering spot.  These structures can be connected to your existing home or detached and isolated in another focal area of your yard such as a swimming pool deck or garden patio.  Remember that when designing your outdoor living space it is important to consider both beauty and functionality.  A unique feature to incorporate in your deck design plan to make the space more functional is an under the deck pump system that removes water from below the structure to create a dry storage area underneath.  To incorporate exterior paint colors and décor into your layout plan install planting boxes on your railings for decks that can be filled with vibrant flowers.  Homeowners prone to outdoor entertaining can make the railing boards wider to allow for for guests to rest their drinks during a BBQ.  Another popular luxury feature of 2016 in pictures of patios is outdoor kitchen areas incorporated into deck plans – these provide a wow-factor to your family and friends while making your outdoor living spaces more well-designed and efficient.

Building a new deck is a large project that will require a lot of planning for the do it yourself home remodeler.  With the vast amount of images and information available on designing new decks and porches there are a few important points to remember before you begin.  First look to home improvement websites like ours for images of decks and patios that will get you started in the design process.  Remember to consider what will be most comfortable and functional for your family and friends while still blending well with your existing landscape.  Look online for photos of contemporary decking ideas and designs that will provide ideas of the latest designs and products that you can use to ensure that your living space looks both beautiful and modern.  The right type of wood to choose for deck boards to screened in porch ideas and gallery of deck pictures, DIY Home Design Ideas is a great source for inspiration and guides for how to carry out your vision of your dream outdoor living space.

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