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Siding is any type of material that is used to cover the framework of your house by sealing and protecting it from wind, weather, and insects while adding also adding a decorative look. There are many different home exterior options to choose from that are used to both finish and protect the walls of your house. Popular types of siding for homes include natural products such as wood, brick, cement and aluminum, as well as synthetic materials like vinyl. Home siding styles differ in design, color, and materials that can be used for different functions. Numerous siding reviews rate the different products based on popularity as well as durability. When choosing the best siding types to use on your home, you must consider the strength, performance, and cost of each material. Here we can help you with your home renovation by providing you with information on the best types of house siding to choose based on your needs. Not only that, but we can also help to enhance the look of your home through images of the most popular siding styles and colors in 2016.



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The top 2016 styles of siding you can choose for your home range from natural stone to synthetic vinyl materials. Natural siding materials such as woods, brick, and stone tend to cost more, while the artificial products run a little cheaper. Stone siding is one of the top choices for homes with a traditional style because it adds an elegant element to the design. Stone sidding can refer to materials such as brick, concrete blocks, and natural stone that must be mounted via masonry mortar. These products have the most popular siding colors and are long lasting and provide superior insulation during both the summer and winter months, however, they tend to be pricey. For a less expensive option, consider using stone veneers. Veneers are thinner, and more affordable than natural stone that are still excellent choices for insulated siding. Like real stone, these faux products also require a good deal of prior experience in siding installation. Consider hiring professional siding contractors to complete this renovation project in order to avoid unwanted problems, such as leaking, and ensure that the job is well done.


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Other best house siding options include natural and fake wood panels. Wood is one of the most common materials to use when constructing a home because not only is it a naturally durable material, but it adds a gorgeous finish to your house. Wood siding can be made from redwood, pine, oak or cedar. Cedar shake siding is a well-liked material that is most often used in contemporary designs. This is a natural product that can withstand years of harsh weather, while still maintaining a rustic, yet attractive appearance. Cedar shingles are made from split logs and can be painted or stained a variety of colors to match any styled home. While shingles evoke a more country feel, cedar siding panels can be used to create a more uniform and modern look. Installing siding made from cedar shake is much easier than stone and can be completed by any skilled diy homeowner. How to install siding will depend on the type you use and whether you use shingles or panels. Not only is it easier to install, but cedar siding cost is also significantly cheaper than brick or stone.

For those homeowners who are looking for the most budget friendly products, consider using materials such as vinyl and fiber cement exterior siding panels. Siding prices per square foot for these materials range between two and four dollars, where as other products are much more expensive. To get an exact approximation, use an online siding estimate calculator to determine the expected price. Not only is the cost of vinyl siding cheaper than that of natural stone and wood, but these products are stronger and last longer than wood in the face of inclement weather. Unlike wood that needs to be repainted or resealed every few years, vinyl comes in a variety of colors that only require a few touch ups on occasion. Color schemes for vinyl vary based on the manufacturer, however, you can purchase any tint or tone your desire. Certainteed siding is one of the top sellers of vinyl products and their color choices range from basic white hues to more bold shades of reds or blues. Certainteed also carries trim for vinyl siding that will help to complete the look on your home.


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Another cheap, yet durable product you can use for the exterior of your home is hardi plank siding. Hardie plank siding is made from fiber cement panels that consist of a combination of concrete like materials and cellulose fibers. Fiber cement siding board is a great material to use because its composition makes it both durable and long lasting. James hardie building products are the most commonly used fiber cement siding which is one of the strongest materials on the market today. Hardiplank siding cost is about one dollar more expensive than vinly, however, it is significantly lower in price than materials such as stone and brick. In addition to its affordability, hardie board siding comes in a variety of different colors and textures that can be designed to resemble real wood. Hardiplank concrete siding not only provides a strong and long lasting exterior for your home, but it is also an excellent insulator and requires little maintenance to preserve the quality of the material. Another maintenance free product to consider is aluminum siding.

Aluminum siding is very similar to vinyl in both cost and appearance. This type of vertical siding is made from sheets of aluminum that are cut into panels to be installed on the framework of the home. Aluminum siding adds a conservative appearance to your home that neighbors will envy. Another benefit of this material is the replacement cost. Siding replacement cost can get to be a hassle with other products, but aluminum is easy to purchase as well as install. Unlike other materials, however, aluminum does not come precolored or stained and must be painted after installation. Fortunately, painting aluminum siding is a quick and easy do it yourself project that only requires a trip to your local lowes or other home improvement store. Special paints can be purchased to coat the siding and add a beautiful look to the house. Make sure to purchase the paints that are specifically made for aluminum to prevent unwanted chipping and peeling. Choose from a variety of attractive house siding colors to create the perfect look for your home.


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