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Cedar Shake


When renovating the exterior of your home there are many different aspects of design that you need to consider. Among some of the most important remodeling components is what type of siding you wish to have on your home. There are various kinds of siding you can choose for your house ranging from vinyl, brick, stone, or wood siding. Wood siding is a very popular choice for the exterior of the home because of its durability, versatility, and various design styles that you can choose from. A type of siding that is trending in 2016 is cedar shake siding. By looking through our galleries of cedar shake siding pictures you can see the beauty that this type of material can add to a home. This type of siding can be worked into any budget and can be an attractive addition to every home. Searching through our photo galleries can give you some of the best cedar house siding ideas to incorporate into your design plans. Here we will discuss the many different types of cedar siding that you can choose from to create your dream home.



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When designing a home, there are many types of house siding to choose from. Wood siding shingles are an extremely popular material to use on the exterior of a house for their beauty and durability. Of the woods available, cedar timber is becoming the most sought after. When choosing cedar paneling you can either have shingles or shakes. Many people do not know that there is a difference between the two but there are slight variances. Shingle panels are individual sawn units of wood while the shakes are made of split wood. Another difference between the two is that shakes are much thicker than shingles and have a rougher look to them. By looking through house siding photos you can see the beauty of each type of cedar exterior siding. If you wish to compare the looks of the two, we have many photos in our gallery for you to glance at. However, whether you get shingles or cedar shakes siding, they both add a natural beauty that is great for the exterior of any home.



When choosing to add this cedar paneling to the exterior of your home you will want to consider the prices. The cost of cedar shake siding can be a little bit on the expensive side, but if you do the installation yourself you can reduce costs. Because rough cut cedar lumber is a gorgeous and natural material this makes the cost up to thirty percent higher than standard supplies. Another aspect that adds to the price of this house wood siding is the cost of installation. These panels take a lot of time when installing them on your home, thus if you choose to have a professional mount them it will be much more expensive. However, if you have always dreamt of having cedar shake siding panels on your home there are a few ways to be able to fit it into your budget. The first is to shop around to find the best prices. Local home improvement stores such as Lowes can often offer affordable pricing on these materials. Another way to reduce the cost is to do the siding installation on your own. This will drastically decrease the money spent having a professional perform the task.


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If you decide to make your siding installation a do it yourself project there are many online tutorials that can help. These aids can make learning how to install cedar shake siding an easy task. Whether you have a professional place your cedar or do it on your own it will add a gorgeous and rustic feel to your house. Top 2016 home siding reveiws rave about how stunning this material looks on the exterior of any residence. These reviews especially praise the beauty of western red cedar lumber on your home. This type of wood stems from a beautiful evergreen coniferous tree indigenous to western North America and has a soft red brown color with straight grains. The beautiful and unique red color of this beveled cedar siding makes for distinctive look for your home. Red cedar shingles and siding is becoming one of the most popular types of wood to use on the exterior of residences for its brilliant color. Whether you use the wood as horizontal or vertical siding, using this stunning material will get you one step closer to building your dream home.

While cedar wood makes for a beautiful and unique look, the maintenance and upkeep of the material can be difficult. Painting and staining the wood every few years to maintain color can be a hassle. Moreover, replacing old or damaged wood can be even more difficult. For this reason experts have created numerous faux cedar shake vinyl siding ideas. This type of material is becoming very common due to its realistic appearance and very closely resembling real wood panels. When vinyl is made to look like wooden shingles companies use real wood to transfer exact textures and details of cedar impressions. Using these production methods to create the vinyl siding pieces give the panels the extreme detail of the real wood thus creating a natural looking piece. The benefits to using the faux cedar shake vinyl siding is that it does not require the maintenance that real wood does. Additionally, using this material will drastically reduce the costs of your home improvement needs.


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Many siding materials are installed on your home by connecting them through the tongue and groove method. This is done by fitting pieces of wood together where one has a thin tongue that fits perfectly into another piece’s groove indent. This method drastically reduces the visibility of wood shrinkage over years of wear and tear. Vinyl siding can come in many different designs and patterns. One popular design to use is the dutch lap. This style adds a lot of strength and shape to the siding so that it does not create a wavy look once mounted. Another popular style is clapboard, this can be used for real wood or vinyl siding. This design can also be known as bevel siding and consists of thin long boards that horizontally overlap each other. This style can be great for natural woods or painted white siding because it is simple and not complex. If you choose to have your hardie plank siding painted instead of keeping with the natural wood color, there are many options to choose from. There are a myriad of siding colors for homes that you can use on your exterior to create a beautiful and unique touch to your space.


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