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The best swimming pool designs, ideas and pictures for 2016 can help you plan out your backyard outdoor oasis. Whether you are remodeling your existing pool or putting in a new one there are a variety to shapes, materials, and types that you can choose from. There are in ground or above ground pools, circular or square ones, tile or vinyl one, as well as gunite swimming pools. Some easy pool remodeling tips include deep cleaning it or replacing the walls. If you have a tile pool you could retile the floor and walls of the pool to create a brand new look. Vinyl pools can even be renovated by simply installing a new liner. These materials are also options when building a pool in your backyard from scratch. Another popular trend is to have a concrete swimming pool in your home. These are simple and low maintenance and can look great with any style home. No matter the style of you décor, there are many pool decorating ideas that you can choose from to create your dream home.



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You can look through internet photo galleries for inspiration and unique ways to decorate your backyard pool. Searching online pictures of swimming pools can be great for those of you who are unsure of what they want in their yard. If you are looking for easy designs you can find images of simple swimming pool ideas to install in your home’s exterior. This could include a straightforward built in pool that has a staircase leading in with a concrete deck surrounding it. Or for something unique for your home, you can find custom swimming pool designs to base your exterior plan off of. Designer swimming pools are becoming increasingly popular in today’s exterior design trends and be a great addition to your home. If you have a small budget you can create a simple swimming space or if your budget is on the higher end you can be more extravagant in your designs. For those with a high spending allowance, indoor swimming pools in homes are becoming very popular. However, the cost of an indoor pool can be quite expensive so be sure it is within your budget.

In addition to the types of material you will build your pool out of, the shape and size of it is also an important decision. Pool sizes can be large or small depending on the space in your yard. You will want to be sure that there is ample space for multiple people to swim if you plan on having guests often. There are many different pool shapes that you can choose from including circular, square, rectangular, oval, or even L shaped designs. L shaped in ground swimming pools can be great for a yard that has a lot of space but is a little awkwardly shaped. It can also allow for space to swim laps on one side while children or guests play and relax on the other. If you do not wish to have an in ground unit there are also many cool above ground pool ideas to choose from. The shapes of these units are a little more limited in that most above ground pools are circular. You can install a wood deck or patio surrounding the pool to give it a more uniform feel with the house. Or you could build a unique ladder set to make your unit more stylish.


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When it comes to pool installation it is a good idea to hire professionals, however if you have some simple repairs to make you can either seek professional help or do it yourself. Easy pool renovations that can be done on your own include deep cleaning your unit or retiling. Be sure to drain the pool before performing DIY pool repair on the tile so that you can ensure your problems are fixed properly. If you are simply cleaning the pool liners or tile, this can be done with the water still in the unit using submergible cleaning products. If you are installing a new swimming unit in your yard you will want to hire a professional company for this. An in ground pool price will be higher than the cost of an above ground pool so determine which will fit into your budget. You can search online for reviews of the best price for swimming pool installers to be sure that you get a great deal. To add a designer look to your home you can search for luxury pool builders to create your swimming oasis.

An important feature of your swimming pool design will be the landscaping that surrounds it. There are many different pool designs and landscaping ideas that you can choose from to make your space beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Photo galleries of landscaping designs can give you some inspiration for what kinds of plants to choose for your home. You will want to choose trees that do not shed their leaves frequently so as to prevent any debris in the water. Some great tree choices to decorate above or underground pools is holly because they do not shed and keep their beautiful dark color year round. Other inground pool ideas for landscaping include a flower bed nearby or pots strategically placed around the area. Planting flower surrounding a pool can add beautiful and stunning color to your exterior design. They are also low maintenance plants so that you can spend more time relaxing in your pool than gardening. Outdoor landscaping can be a great addition to any above ground swimming pool deck ideas to create a beautiful and tranquil space.


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If you have a swimming pool in your backyard you may be interested in building a small pool house as well. This is a popular design choice to install next to your pool for an area for guests and family members to sit and relax without worrying about getting your home wet. Pool house designs often feature a large sitting area with a small kitchen to cook or serve drinks. These homes also often include a bathroom with a small changing locker room for guests to dress in their swimming attire. You can search online for cheap pool house designs to use in your home or for ideas on what to include in yours. Cheap pool building plans can allow you to stay within your budget and not spend too much money. Sunblock can ruin fabric furniture and water from pools can create stains on your couches. A pool house can be a very functional addition to you exterior design and provide a special place for people to gather and not create a mess in your home. No matter what size yard you have there are many large and small pool ideas to incorporate into your exterior design to help you to create your dream home.


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