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Once you fully furnish your living room, it’s time to get down to the fun part. Selecting living room wall art, living room paint, and living room decor can be the most exciting and rewarding part of finalizing your living room.  After purchasing all the furniture however, you may be in a bit of a budget crisis.  Here are some free and cheap do it yourself (diy) methods to creating great living room wall art and living room decor. First, get rid of all those old photos and cliché store bought posters you have hanging. They have no place in a sophisticated living room, and show no real representation of yourself. First things first, let’s start with your living room paint.



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There are numerous living room paint ideas and living room colour choices to go with. Is your living room dated, yellowed from smoke, or is the paint chipping? You may need to freshen your living room paint color. Here are some of our top living room paint ideas including the most popular trend we are seeing in Spring 2016 living room paint schemes includes white walls with light hue accents and trims. The reason for this minimalist paint scheme is to help bring out your living room wall art or decor.  We recommend painting your entire living room and then focusing on your living room wall art. After painting your walls white, you can now focus on brightening up your space through wall art. If you are looking to purchase items, you may want to consider wrought iron wall art or metal wall art.




However, if you are on a budget, we have some quick cheap and free diy wall art for you to try. For instance, do you have old records in storage, gathering dust? Take out your old favorite hits, clean them up, and create vinyl wall art.  Try gluing them together in a unique geometric pattern, or even attaching them to the wall side by side to create a border. If music and records are not your passion, you may consider canvas wall art. Have you always wanted to get in touch with your inner Jackson Pollock? Try your hand at abstract wall art by throwing paint on canvas. Not only is this cheap but you’ll have a blast creating it. You can even do it yourself and create a large wall art abstract piece, which will be affordable unlike store bought items.  You will be able to impress guest with your newfound artistic ability. 



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If arts and crafts aren’t really your thing but you still want to give it a go with a do it yourself living room project, you may want to try wooden wall art. Take your old wooden picture frames, take the photos out of them, and arrange these wooden frames on your wall in a geometric pattern pleasing to you. Underneath this wall art, you may want to add a sitting bench or a small table. This will help highlight this location in your home. This is a great cheap wall art idea if you are looking for free wall art or on a budget. After painting your walls and finding art to match, you are on the final step – finding living room decor.  One idea for living room decor is to go green with plants. You can find cheap plants at a local garden center or nursery to bring some green to your room.



You can also add a colorful living room rug. Try adding a bench that will double as a storage unit if you have a small living room. For a do it yourself quick fix, take all your old pillows and upholster them. This will give your couch a new look if you create new pillow cases for them. Be sure to match your recently painted walls, recently found wall art, and new decor for the best results. Don’t just limit yourself with our do it yourself ideas, come up with some of your own! Be creative and have a good time expressing yourself with your newly designed living room. Try to create furniture makeovers, use fabric for both your wall art and sofas, and look around your home for old pieces that you can make new home accents.