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Before getting started on outdoor construction, be sure to install our best patio design software free download to help make diy easy. You want your home improvement project to be as good as a professional would do. The good news is, it can actually be better. As with any home improvement project it’s a good idea to know your limitations. After all, lifting several hundred bricks or pavers can take some time—and exhaust a person. Before you jump into you patio landscape design project, make sure you have everything you'll need. I personally don’t like stopping in the middle to run to the hardware store—even though I’ve done just that many times. 



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Chances are you're looking for a new outdoor patio idea and have decided to build a patio to expand your living space. Because the patio project will be level with the ground, you will have to use a shovel dig down about 5 inches and remove the dirt and grass that is in the area you have allocated for your patio. To drastically reduce you work, be as accurate as possible as you dig to create your flat excavated surface. Time has already done a lot to create a tightly packed surface.

diy Tip: Before you begin, consider where you will put the material you remove. Lay a tarp in that area to minimize work-site damage.  Place dirt, rock and grass on the tarp for easy removal later.  Also, try to use any good grass and for bare spots that might exist in your yard.




If you haven’t already, you’ll need to select a location and shape by reviewing our free pictures of landscaping ideas and design plans.  While square patios are can have a real impact, a slight bend or curve can dramatically improve the look of your do-it-yourself patio project. If you’re thinking what I’m thinking a curved or semi-circle patio–grab your garden hose and use it to define the outer line of your brick or paver patio. Now that you’ve roughed out the size and shape for your curved patio, you can order your bricks or pavers, crushed stone, sand, and edging. Estimate the square footage (12 x 12 in) of your patio space and order accordingly. Bricks are popular for small backyard designs but are typically not uniform, so your will have to use a rough calculation. I like to have a few extra for repair as the years go by, so I always over order by a few.



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Unless your design includes covered patios awning or roof, you'll need this for protection from the sun.Once you have a flat surface that is about 5 inches below ground, use a tamper to make sure the dirt is tightly packed. Before you design the surface with outside patio furniture, cover the entire area with landscape fabric to prevent weeds sprouting later on. Designing your patio with teak outdoor furniture is the ideal solution due to it's long lasting durability and admiring beauty for your guests.

diy Tip: To create a perfect semicircle stake the flat side of the circle in the middle and attach a string that extends to the farthest point of the round.  Walk the perimeter of the round adding spikes—or use landscaper’s spray—to create a perfect semi-circle. Place the garden hose outside those spikes.