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Outdoor porches are great for enjoying the warm summer weather, but what about those chilly spring nights that you would like to relax outside without freezing? Patio outdoor fireplace and heaters are perfect for keeping you and your family warm on those chilly nights. Patio heaters are becoming more and more popular and are a great investment for your home. Rather than spending a lot of money on home improvements to add onto your home, you can purchase patio warmers for a relatively low price and create relaxing and warm outdoor living space. Outdoor patio heaters come in many different shapes and sizes, as well as use different mechanisms to create their outdoor heat.



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You can purchase heaters that use gas, electricity, propane, infrared lights, and even halogen lights. Gas heaters are fueled by natural gas and require a natural gas line near the heater in order to use it. Because it requires a natural gas line, outdoor gas heaters are typically a permanent fixture and can not be moved around as easily as a portable heater. Portable gas heaters can also be purchased that can be fueled through natural gas or propane. Although it is more common to use outside gas heaters, a gas heater can also be used around the house and in the garage to keep your house warm during the cold winter months. Fire pits can be placed on the patio or anywhere in the backyard for summer or winter fun.




Portable garage heaters are great to keep your car from icing during the winter months in areas that become very cold. These portable gas heaters can be carried around the house with you to keep you warm and prevent spending a lot of money to heat your entire home. Electric gas heaters use a combination of electricity and gas to power the portable heaters which can be useful in times when natural gas prices are high. In addition to a gas patio heater, you can also purchase an electric heater. Electric heaters are similar to gas heaters in that they tend to be a permanent fixture in your yard. Patio fire pits can also be used to not only keep you and your family warm, but are also great for making s’mores with children.



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Electric patio heaters require an outlet nearby in order to be used, making it hard to install an electric patio heater without installing a new outlet. Infrared heaters are a type of electric patio heaters that use infrared light to produce heat. An infrared heater can be hung from the ceiling or wall of your patio to keep your entire patio warm without taking up a lot of space. Halogen heaters are another type of electric heater that uses infrared light to produce heat. Like infrared heaters, halogen heaters can be hung from the ceiling similar to a ceiling fan to prevent taking up a large amount of room while still providing outdoor heat. You can also purchase an outdoor heater that uses propane as a fuel.



A propane heater uses propane gas to provide heat to you and your family. Propane heaters are the most common type of outdoor heating because they do not require any electrical outlets or gas lines to be installed in order to be used. Propane heaters can come in two different styles standing or table top heaters. A table top heater is a good choice for when dining outside to keep you and your company warm, while standing heaters are useful for having large outdoor gatherings in which your guests are not seated. An outdoor fireplace is also a good way to keep warm when entertaining and relaxing outdoors.

Outdoor fireplaces can be installed on your patio or in your yard. Like most indoor fireplaces, you can burn wood or coal in your outdoor fireplace. This wood can be natural, cut from your own backyard, or synthetic wood bought at your local store. Fire pits can be permanent fixtures in your backyard or they can be portable to be moved according to your entertaining needs. Regardless of the type of entertaining you are doing, out door heaters are perfect to keep you and your family warm on those cold winter nights or chilly spring evenings.