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With the hot summer months in full swing, finding the best swimming pool supplies while accessorizing and ensuring the safety of your backyard pool or indoor spa has become a necessity.  A good pool cover is one of the most important accessories a backyard pool or spa owner can purchase.  Pool covers for winter are especially important to maintaining the longevity of your pool as well as preventing any unwanted creatures from making a home in your pool during the winter months.  Quality outdoor pool covers can beautify the landscape, ensure the safety of pets and young children in the area, and cut down on the energy costs of heating or cooling the pool.  A variety of swim pool covers can be purchased wherever pool supplies are sold. 



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It is important to research the type, style and special features that you require or wish your swimming pool cover to possess.  As we wait for the hot summer months of pool season to arrive, it is important to have good winter pool covers to ensure that leaves, pests and rodents remain out of the pool while also acting as a pool safety cover, preventing residents from accidentally falling in when the area may be covered in leaves or snow.   This is a particularly important feature to look for when purchasing an in ground pool cover.  Custom pool covers can also be purchased to fit pools of any size or shape including oval pool covers, round pool covers or even special pool pump covers.  Another key feature to consider when comparing in ground pool covers is the material it is made out of – a mesh pool cover, a hard pool cover, a solid pool cover or even a specific leaf pool cover. 




The type of material you choose depends on the amount of protection you want to provide and the climate in which you live.  A mesh swimming pool cover or leaf net pool covers have a light but tight-fitting barrier that protects the pool from debris (which cuts down on maintenance) and reduces evaporation. Walk on pool covers, on the other hand, are made from a hard material that provides a solid barrier between the pool and the outside environment.  Pool covers you can walk on act like winter swimming pool covers in that it provides insulation and protection from the elements, as well as, a quality safety pool cover because it provides a solid barrier between the open pool and any passerby.  Specific safety pool covers are especially important for families with young children or small pets. 



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A swimming pool safety cover is a type of heavy-duty mesh cover nylon straps woven across it that anchor into the pool deck.  After you decide which type of swiming pool cover your yard requires you must then determine how easily you want to put it on the pool.  As the name suggests, motorized pool covers are the best option for ease of use.  Automatic pool cover prices vary by material and quality; the sturdier pools covers will obviously cost more while the lighter fabrics will be significantly less.  This type of pool cover also requires additional accessories to function such as a pool cover reel and a pool cover roller.  Purchasing these can also increase the investment that an electric pool cover requires.



When deciding about which type the owner must weigh the convenience against the pool cover cost. For this reason, before purchasing, it is a often a good idea to research the options and brands on websites that offer pool cover reviews or to talk to several pool cover specialists. Another great way to save money maintaining your in ground or above the ground pools is to invest in a pool solar cover.  A solar polar cover uses the heat or power harnessed from the sun to either help the pool remain at a comfortable temperature.  Solar pool covers are a cost-effective pool supply that will cut down on pool service and electricity bills, and are often easier to install than complex wiring and heating systems. 



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