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Beautiful kitchen design can be the difference between having an ordinary home and an extraordinary home. Unforgettable kitchen décor relies on the small finishing details such as fixtures, flooring, countertops and, most importantly, backsplash design. A kitchen backsplash serves two purposes – first to provide eye-catching visual interest and second to protect walls from food splashes while cooking.  Backsplashes are available in a wide variety of unique materials, from traditional kitchen tiles to stainless steel sheets and everything in between. Even better, tiling a backsplash is a quick and easy do it yourself project that can be achieved on nearly any budget. Read ahead for our top 2016 kitchen backsplash tile ideas to suit any décor scheme complete with pros and cons of each fabulous design.


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Kitchen back splashes are oftentimes the most overlooked element of the room, but can actually have an enormous impact on the overall look and feel of a design. You will notice that all of your favorite professionally decorated backsplash tile ideas include a well-designed kitchen, whether it is one that makes a bold eye-catching statement or a subtle neutral accent throughout cooking areas. Kitchen backsplash tile is available in a vast array of materials, from organic pebble and exotic glass to luxury natural stones, the possibilities are absolutely endless. Even something as basic as ceramic tile can be found in a variety of all the best kitchen colors. Whether you are a DIY remodeler or hiring experienced professionals, our online showrooms filled with the latest kitchen backsplash ideas will provide you with the hottest contemporary trends and remodeling tips to create an unforgettable space.


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As you begin selecting the best style and design material to choose for your diy kitchen project there are a few important things to consider. First get design inspiration and discover the fabulous potential of your space by browsing our popular kitchen photo gallery filled with images of unique backsplash panels. The best backsplash for a new kitchen is one that provides an accent to the overall décor scheme while remaining highly durable and able to withstand frequent cleaning and abuse. For example, if you love the look of a natural stone backsplash tile, be sure to select a sealed non-porous material that will not absorb food stains, cleaning products, splashed liquids or kitchen odors. Also do not forget to consider the size and scale of your wall tiles as well as overall backsplash height. Small rooms can easily be overwhelmed by a large kitchen tile backsplash while a grand open layout may dwarf miniature glass designs.


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A fabulous way to experiment with different makeover finishes, sizes and styles for your new backsplash is utilizing a popular online kitchen design tool. With these cutting edge programs, tech savvy diy kitchen remodelers can play around with backsplash heights, colors and pattern sizes prior to purchasing any materials. In this way, you can view how you've chosen the design and makeover works within the scale and layout of your kitchen, as well as identify problem areas that may be challenging to tile. You can even browse 2016 online database of kitchen design pictures for inspiration of how to incorporate this feature in your own space. Be sure to look for a high quality program with good reviews that gives you the ability to virtually tour your new kitchen layout, allowing you to view those potential tile backsplash ideas in place.

Installing new kitchen backsplash tiles is a quick and easy weekend diy project. Even better, decorating with a new backsplash is quite budget friendly as well. The key to great cheap backsplash ideas is a little imagination. Think outside of the box and consider designs and materials not found on the shelves of lowes and other costly home stores. Rather than purchasing pricey mosaic backsplash tile panels get creative and consider unique ways of achieving the same look. Purchase assorted inexpensive glass backsplash tiles and arrange them in a unique pattern or find colorful glassware at local thrift shops to shatter and create a DIY mosaic. These are great additions to small kitchen ideas because very limited amounts of tile are needed. You can achieve your favorite fabulous designer looks for just a fraction of the cost if you give thought to the pattern and only purchase the minimum amount of tile needed.  

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