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Great landscaping is not limited to the size of your yard – whether you are working with a large estate or small corner plot, unforgettable design can be achieved in any exterior space. Beautiful curbside landscaping generates a warm welcome to guests and potential buyers approaching the front door and ensures that your home makes a wonderful first impression. Exceptional outdoor design is especially important in smaller properties because there is limited space to create a bold décor statement. The same do it yourself techniques that we employ in tiny interior rooms can be utilized outdoors to make small yards appear larger. Our residential landscaping experts will help you make the most of what your property has to offer. Read ahead to find our best small yard design ideas and photos sure to inspire you to transform your landscape into an outdoor oasis.


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Are you struggling with landscape designs for a small yard, and do not where to begin planning your space? Look no further, our gardening experts will show you how to maximize the space you do have with simple landscaping ideas that feature outstanding plant and home décor choices. Our fantastic design solutions will take your small space from ordinary to extraordinary in no time at all. The key to successful design in a limited area is careful planning and creativity. Begin by getting inspired with our pictures of landscaping ideas featuring smaller property layouts. These beautiful and inventive designs will help you discover the amazing potential of the space you do have while teaching you how to transform what is often considered a negative characteristic into an exceptional selling point. Absolutely unforgettable curb appeal is just a click away.


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As you begin diy landscaping a small yard there are several key concepts to keep in mind.  First and foremost, it important to retain a keen eye for scale. When planning a garden, be sure to select plants, flowers and trees that do not overwhelm the already limited lawn space. Many popular plant species such as evergreens, flowering trees and other ornamental foliage have dwarf varieties that offer the same great visual appeal at only a fraction of the size. In this way you can utilize small trees for landscaping to make a bold design statement without overpowering the entire lawn. Remember that it is especially vital in these limited layouts to select elements that complement each other to create a single unified design scheme. Too many clashing features often create a cluttered look that will ultimately overpower the space and make it appear smaller.


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Because careful planning is absolutely imperative when landscaping a small yard, it is very beneficial to take advantage of one of the innovative design tools available to DIY gardeners today. High tech landscape design software is an outstanding product to help anyone from amateur homeowners to seasoned professional plan their new outdoor space. These state of the art programs allow you to experiment with an endless number of layouts, vegetation and other outdoor material options prior to committing to a single design. If you carefully plan your space with the aid of these programs, you may find room in your tiny yard for anything from cozy patios and relaxing nooks to small swimming pools. Be sure to select high quality software that features handy built in tools such as illustrated plant guides or the ability to virtually tour your new space.

Whether you are looking for small backyard ideas or tips for revamping those overgrown curbside areas, our outdoor design experts will help guide you to the property of your dreams. A great way to make your tiny yard more inviting is installing fabulous entertaining spaces that increase the functionality of your patio space without overwhelming the limited layout. Incorporating small patio design plans into an unused backyard or side garden is a great way to increase the overall value of your home while drawing friends and family outside to enjoy nature. You may think that your undersized yard is far too small for one of these outdoor structures, but that may not be the case. With the right small yard landscaping ideas you can carve out sufficient space to fit a great exterior living area. Clear an unused flower bed or cutting down an ailing tree to make room for a deck space large enough to provide room for outside gathering.

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