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Trees for Landscaping


Great landscaping design is composed of many elements, from lush plants and vibrant blooms to unique hardscaping decorative accents. One of the most important features of any yard is trees. These beautiful towering objects provide a fabulous natural focal point to anchor your design as well as generate shade over outdoor entertaining areas and delicate flower gardens. There are tree types in an absolutely endless variety of shapes, sizes coloring and texture, each perfect to accent any space that you could dream of. Whether you are looking for miniature ornamental varieties or tall towering branches, our exterior design experts will help you discover how to decorate with trees for landscaping to create a stunning look. Browse our 2016 online garden center to find a handy guide to the best types of trees for landscaping your yard to perfection.


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No beautiful landscape design is complete without trees. Whether they are familiar towering varieties or miniature ornamental trees this natural decorative element provides visual interest to complement any exterior. Even better they are one of the most low maintenance landscaping elements, oftentimes enabling you to simple plant it and forget it. Get inspired to elevate those overgrown and outdated front yard landscaping ideas with trees by browsing our online galleries filled with unforgettable photos of designer yards accented with these wonderful natural focal points. Discover the amazing potential for your outdoor design then recreate those favorite looks with our handy do it yourself design guides for gardening with trees. There is absolutely no better way to update that curb appeal landscaping or forgotten backyard entertaining areas.


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There is an absolutely endless number of beautiful and unique tree species to incorporate throughout your favorite landscape design ideas. Depending upon your decor style of choice, regional climate, yard conditions and layout the perfect tree for your space will vary widely. The key to making the right selection is identifying your decorative needs and growing conditions. There are dwarf species that resemble typical landscaping bushes and shrubs perfect for a small yard, as well as more familiar large varieties such as classic oak or pine trees. Prior to choosing the species for your yard, begin by determining your overall décor motif as this will play a large role in the size, shape and variety you select. Understanding the specific design, layout and look that each popular types of trees will bring to the space is an essential factor in achieving outdoor design success.


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Landscaping with trees is an outstanding way to bring natural beauty to your yard. Ensure that your design is unforgettable by selecting the perfect backyard trees for your space. Whether you choose simple maples or beautiful flowering trees, each species will bring a different fabulous look to your yard. For example, to infuse your modern styled home with great 2016 contemporary landscaping accents select eye catching palm trees or a unique royal empress. These simple yet striking trees will make a streamlined design statement perfect to highlight a sleek and edgy house. On the other hand, types of evergreen trees are a fabulous option to bring structured elegance to traditional architecture. Find ornate topiary trees to flank the front door or beautiful manicured bushes to provide a natural border to blooming flower beds or property lines.

Are looking for lovely trees to enhance that drab landscaping but are concerned about the cost? Do not worry – there are dozens of cheap and beautiful varieties available that will not break your budget. Today’s most popular backyard design ideas feature a unique variety of trees in a range of price points. You can recreate your favorite designer looks at a fraction of the cost with a few DIY money saving tips. First, instead of draining your wallet purchasing a trendy exotic flowering species such as the Japanese cherry blossom, substitute with an equally beautiful white flower tree like the magnolia. You will achieve the same look without the extraordinary price tag. Another great budget friendly find are 2013’s trendiest types of maple trees. This familiar species bring a classic look to any yard, with the added bonus of gorgeous vibrantly colored leaves in the fall.

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