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By searching through the top baby nursery décor ideas and pictures of 2016, you can find a lot of good designs to decorate your new infant’s room. Fun kids room ideas often use a general theme to create a beautiful and enjoyable space. Most of the time babys room themes will depend on the gender of the child. There are some themes that are more commonly used in girl’s nurserys, while others are used for boys. The most popular themes for a girls room are fairies, princess, or flower gardens. Meanwhile, popular themes for boy’s nurserys include pirates, sports, or jungle. However, if you do not yet know the sex of the baby, there are some unisex nursery themes that can be used. Some common themes that are applied in gender neutral baby room décor include circus, farm animal, and Winnie the Pooh. Decorating rooms for babys is easy and can be a fun project. No matter the gender of your newborn, there are many themes and décor ideas to choose from to help you build your little one a beautiful nursery.



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To make your nursery planning easier, there are many online tools that can help you with your decision process. There are programs for designing a baby nursery online that can be a very useful device. With this utensil you can plan out your room including the furniture layout, the color of the walls, and even the accessories that you wish to have in the nursery. This can be wonderful for those of you that have many different ideas for a bedroom but are unsure of which design will work the best. Other helpful online tools for easy bedroom ideas of 2016 are online image galleries. Searching through pictures can give you many different suggestions for designs or themes. Not only can these pics help you design on color schemes, but you can also view photos of best baby crib sets, changing tables, wall decorations, and more. Developing design plans for baby nurserys can be a difficult task, but using online tools can make it much simpler.




Another option instead of paint is wall stickers and decals. These stickers and decals can be placed on any color wall and come in a variety of designs such as animals, flowers, and sports memorabilia. These can be great wall décorating ideas for a baby’s room because they are easy to apply as well as uninstall. In addition, using decals instead of paint can make it much easier to change the design of the room as the child grows. A baby nursery can easily be changed to a toddler room by a simple change of stickers. Other nursery wall décor hangings include picture frames, letters, and music mobiles. Wooden hanging wall letters for a nursery can be a beautiful touch to any room. You may wish to use only the first letter of your baby’s name or spell out their entire name on the wall. Hanging pink letters and flowers throughout the room is great wall art for a baby girl nursery. Painting the letters different colors or designs can make them unique nursery artwork to add a special look to your infant’s room.



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One of the first things you will want to decide upon when decorating your baby’s room is the colors of paint to put on the wall. If you are having trouble choosing shades of paint you can look through our online photo gallery for inspiration. The best baby nursery room colors in 2016 are light pastels or bright vibrant colors that will reflect light and open the room. For a boy’s room you could paint the walls a bright royal blue hue with black furniture and white and orange accents in bedding and decorations. This is one of many unique baby nursery themes that would create a stunning and vivacious space for a little infant boy. On the other hand, purples, pinks and greens are some of the most popular and beautiful baby girls room colors. A unique theme for a little girl would be to paint the walls a shade of pink and accent it with dark brown furniture and green white bedding. These colors are wonderful when combined and can create a beautiful look. Because of the ability to dye paint any shade, there are many great kids room colors to choose from when designing a nursery.



Another important element to a baby nursery is the furniture and bedding. The most essential items for a baby are a crib, changing table, and a rocking chair. Other furniture and accessories for young children includes dressers, chests, bookcases, bassinets, and nursery rugs. There are many different options when it comes these items for cute kids bedroom decor that can make it difficult to choose. This is where photo galleries can help. You can look through pictures of modern furniture for kids to match any design theme you choose. You can also search online for reviews of cheap baby furniture stores so that you do not spend too much money. Decorating a baby room on a budget can be made easy by purchasing furniture sets during large sales. You can find beautiful cribs and changing tables for great prices during big sales. On the other hand, if you have a larger budget to spend you may consider custom baby nursery décor. You can find stores that design custom baby furniture so that your newborn’s room can be special and just for them.


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After choosing furniture for your nursery, you will want to move onto boys room colors, bedding and accessories. One item that can be great to purchase is a crib bumper. This will add cushioning to the edges of the crib to prevent you baby from bumping their head. It can also create a barrier to prevent your infant from getting their arms or legs caught between the slats. You can find bumpers to match any color scheme. The most popular boys room decor ideas include bumpers that will match blue and white crib bedding sheets. And there are also bumpers that can match pink and purple crib bedding sheets for girls. If you have a bassinet instead of crib, this will also need bedding accessories. Beautiful infant bassinet bedding can be found online or in specialty baby stores. You will also want to make sure you have some lights in your baby’s room for the dark hours of the night. You can find inexpensive nursery lamps online or in stores that can help you stay within your budget. Lamps can come in many different colors with different designs to match any room décor theme.



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