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Painting and designing your a girls bedroom can be an exciting and a fun experience. Whether your princess is a teenager or still a kid, our bedroom paint color ideas will help you find the best schemes and color combinations. You will enjoy sitting down with your spouse or child and choosing a theme and color pallet for the room; choosing different furniture and bedding for different themes. Depending on the age of the child you are designing a room for, you can ask them for their input on what the theme should be or what colors they wish to have in their room. These choices will differ on the gender of the child; boys typically like more masculine themes such as sports, pirate, or racecar, while girls prefer princess, fairies, and garden themes. When it comes to paint colors for girls bedrooms, the most popular are pinks, purples, and whites. However, there are many other choices when it comes to a little girls bed room color palette. When it comes to designing your daughter’s bedroom, there are many different beautiful ideas for girls rooms to choose from.



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This webpage offers you some great kids bedroom colors & ideas for girls, to help you better design your child’s room. The first bedroom you will ever design for your daughter is a nursery for her as an infant. Colors for a baby girls room can vary, but the most popular colors are the obvious pinks. To make it easier for you as the child ages, you can stick to simple color schemes and designs so that as the child grows the babys nursery room can grow with them. A simple color scheme for a pink little girls room would be a monochromatic theme. This is where you choose one color, such as pink, as the wall color and then accent to room with simple colored furniture like blacks, browns, or whites. Keep the bedding and wall decorations simple with pink shades and whatever furniture color you decide. Other baby room colors for girls include complementary color schemes where you pair two colors together that are opposite each other on the color wheel.Pairing white and pinks together evoke a sense of purity and innocence of a newborn girl and produce a calm and soothing environment.




Great complimentary colors for a girls nursery are pink and lime or pastel green. Green, in addition to pink, has a calming effect and when the two are combined it creates the feel of springtime and is very cheerful. Using pink and green for a baby girls bedroom wall paint colors make the room beautiful and will make your daughter feel like she is in a springtime wonderland. Another great complimentary color combination is a blue and yellow girls room. You can either choose one of the colors to paint on the walls with the second color as an accent in bedding and wall decorations. Another option is to have the walls be painted white and use both colors throughout the room in bedding and decorations. If you are designing an older child’s bedroom you can be more extravagant in your design choices. The first thing before deciding on interior paint color ideas for a girl is to choose a general theme for your daughter’s room. Depending on what your daughter likes, some popular themes for children bedroom designs are jungle, pirates, fairies, under the sea, castle, or farm themed.



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There are many you girls room design gallery online that you can search for inspiration. Colorful kids rooms can be extremely fun for them, so you should consider asking your little girl what she wants in her room. Ask her what theme she wishes to design and what colors she want on the walls. This can help make your decorating process much easier and will ensure that your kids will love the design. Painted room color ideas that come from children themselves will often be on the wilder side and something you wouldn’t think of yourself. Children often like much brighter colors and would prefer intense and exciting hues. The room becomes a special place for them where they can go to have fun and feel accomplished that they created the design. Anyone who has a teenager knows that sometimes they are very picky with their style, whether it is in clothing choices or bedroom decoration choices. Getting girls bedroom design ideas from children themselves can be a great experience for both you and your daughter. Another room to look for inspiration for is teenage bedroom designs.



The internet is a great inspirational source with free design pictures of paint colors for homes. A great choice when it comes to teen room decoration ideas is to let your daughter choose what her room design will be. Pretty teenage room design for girls can be simple or extravagant; but one thing you will want to be sure to incorporate into your daughter’s bedroom is a desk and workspace for her to surf the web and complete homework projects. Some cool teenage girl bedroom color schemes consist of oceanic hues, or bold colors such as bright pink, orange, lime green, or yellow. For inspiration on your design, you can search the web for photos of teenage girl room colors to help you choose how to paint the bedroom. If you want your child’s room to be in style with today’s most popular trends, you can search online for pictures of bedroom color trends in 2012. You can look on the web for predictions of top paint color ideas in 2016. For children’s bedrooms the predictions are red and greens and lavender and gold color combinations.


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