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Decorating your home for Christmas is one of the best holiday activities for the DIY homeowner. The interior of your home can be adorned with holly, lights, trees, and ornaments to bring a festive look to the space. In addition, more elaborate outdoor Christmas décor can be set up in your yard using tree lights, wreathes, ornaments, light fixtures, candy canes and blow up characters to create a beautiful winter wonderland at your own home. While there are many different xmas design ideas for your home, one of the easiest ways to add some holiday cheer to your property is with door decorations. This article discusses Christmas door decorations and various things you can do to embellish your front or back door. Front door decorations for Christmas are great for big homes, small homes, and apartments alike because they allow you to add a lot of style to such as small area.



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How to decorate a door for Christmas depends on the size of your house and how elaborate your yard is decorated. For those homeowners with large houses and property, simple design ideas for Christmas front door decorations are more ideal to fit your home. Front door wreaths for Christmas can be hung in the front and back of your house as a simple splash of color. While this may seem like a very boring decoration, wreaths come in many different sizes and designs to match almost any style xmas décor. Simple wreaths are best for traditionally styled Christmas décor. A plain wreath with a red bow at the top or bottom is best for lavishly decorated front porch ideas with holly, lights, and various ornaments covering the area. You can enhance this traditional design by hanging matching wreathes in each window in the front of your home to create a beautiful symmetrical look. If you do not have a front porch, or it is not adorned with various other decorations, you may choose a more festive wreath.


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To achieve a modern or exotic look this holiday season, garnish your wreath with ribbons, bows, fabrics, lights, or Christmas ornaments. On the other hand, leaves, twigs, or berries can be added to wreaths for creative, but simple and natural designs. Another idea for decorating a door for Christmas is turning your door into a giant xmas present. This type of idea is best for smaller homes or apartments that don’t have a lot of options for front yard designs during the holidays. This is a very simple decoration that takes only a few minutes to set up and can be as detailed as you would like it to be. Choose a roll of wrapping paper that you would like to use for your door; plain patterns tend to match up better for larger doors, however you can choose any color and design. All you need to do is cover your entire door with the paper and tape it on the inside. You can also add a bow or ribbon to add some extra style to your front door. Because this is so simple, it is great for Christmas door ideas for dorm rooms as well.


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You can even thread in some out door Christmas lights to brighten up your door at night and allow people to enjoy your festive front door even in the dark. Other great Christmas door decorating ideas include turning your door into the entrance of Santa’s workshop or a gingerbread house. Other playful ideas for door decorating for Christmas include using cut outs, or festive holiday entrances. You can use card board to cut various shapes to stick on your door for front door Christmas decorations. You can cut out snowflakes and snowmen to paste to your door to create a nice snow scene. You can also use cardboard to cut out a front door sized Christmas tree and then decorate it with paper ornaments and candy canes. First decorate your yard to match the playful style you are going for. You can create and line your walkway design ideas with candy canes and gum drops to make it look like the yard of a gingerbread house.

On your actual door, hang brown wrapping paper to cover the entire area and cover it with paper or plastic candy shapes or gingerbread men. For Santa’s workshop, use red and white striped poles along your walkway leading up to the door.  On your actual door hang a wreath with a sign that says Santa’s workshop. To get more creative, make small card board cutouts of elves working and place them in your windows to make it look like Santa’s helpers are making toys inside your home. If you have a porch you can set these cutouts up outside. You can also set up Christmas trees and have the elves sitting nearby with the already made presents placed under the tree. These more playful ideas are great designs to use for a Christmas door decorating contest. To get more ideas you can view Christmas front door decorating ideas and pictures from past contests all around the country.

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