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Christmas Lights


Christmas lights create sparkling exhibits of wintery bliss in your front or backyard that can bring out the holiday spirit in anyone. Many people love to drive around neighborhoods in the evening, marveling at all of the beautiful decorations, and with a few simple tips, you can make your yard the talk of the town. Now a days, Christmas lighting is not only focused on string light. While string lights are very popular, there are other ways that you can add brightness to your yard. Outside brigth lit up Christmas decorations such as sparkling Santa’s, glowing snowmen, and illuminated candy canes adorn many people’s yards during the holiday season. You can install a light fixture of Santa and his eight reindeer in your yard or on your roof, illustrating Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve. Blow up snow men and other Christmas characters can brighten the yard with a playful embellishment to your home.



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In addition, lit up Christmas ornaments can be hung in your trees outside to make your yard look like a forest of decorated pine trees. Popular displays of mangers are set often set up underneath sparkling trees, depicting the birth of baby Jesus. Aside from light fixtures and lit up displays, string lighting is another popular way to decorate for the holidays. Christmas tree lights can be strung throughout your trees and bushes to brighten up your yard. White LED Christmas lights can be strung throughout the yard to give a simple look to your décor. Spice up your look with multi colored lighting or single colors such as red, green, or blue Christmas lights. You can also change the size of your Christmas light bulbs to add flare to your yard. Mini lights can be hung on the front door Christmas design or around the foyer to add small sparkles and Xmas colors, while larger bulbs can be used to bring about bright, colorful flashes of light to your landscape.


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Finding the best outdoor lighting ideas for Christmas and installing them is relatively easy depending on where your lights are hung.Icicle style lighting can be hung above your deck or porch with a few nails to keep them up. In addition, both icicle and string lighting can be wrapped around deck railings and stairs to light up the perimeter of the space. Deck lights can be hung almost anywhere and add beauty to your backyard on those snow evenings. For string lighting, simply wrap the cords around the posts and rails to keep them in place. Icicle style lighting can either be wrapped around like the string, or they can be fastened with wire to allow them to hang from the posts. One of the most important things to consider before decorating for Christmas outside is the types of lights you want to use. There are many different kinds of lights for both outdoors and indoors, some of which are superior to others.


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The cost of the lights depends on two factors; the type of lighting you purchase and they time of the year you purchase them. You can find the most popular Christmas lights for sale during the off season, allowing you to save some money and cut down the overall cost of your decorations. The next thing to consider is the type of light you buy. The best Christmas lights are those that do not run up your electric bill. The holiday season lasts between Thanksgiving until after New Years. Whether you choose to keep your decorations up for the duration or keep your lights up for this long period of time can drastically increase your electric bill. Try to pick Christmas lights that can help save you money, such as LED or solar lighting. Outdoor LED lights, or light emitting diode lights use less energy than traditional lights because they use the energy of electrons to provide lighting. Not only do LED lights use less energy, but they last longer, are brighter, and are less of a fire hazard because they do not heat up.

LED lights tend to be more expensive than traditional lighting, reaching as much as 5 times more money than other lights, however the money you save on your electric bill definitely makes up for their initial cost. LED lights have been known to cut your electric bill by as much as 90% because of their efficient use of energy. The most popular king are white LED Christmas lights, however they come in a range of colors to illuminate your yard. Another money saver during the holidays is using solar powered outdoor Christmas lights. Outdoor solar lighting uses the energy from the sun to power the lights sources. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they also save you money on your electric bill. Solar powered lights use LED bulbs that use less energy and provide bright light. A solar board is attached to the string of battery operated Christmas lights and controls when they are illuminated. Light sensors use the sun to recharge the battery and turn the lights on at night. Solar powered lights save you a lot of money but not using electricity, thus they are a great investment for any homeowner.

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