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One of the best reasons to invest in a fabulous diy backyard garden is the ability to provide your friends with delicious fresh fruits and vegetables all season long. A well stocked plot will harvest heaps of healthy homegrown produce to enjoy without the high price tag or far away origin of those expensive grocery store assortments. One of the easiest and most popular varieties to cultivate this year is a luscious strawberry fruit plant. This delicious fruit is an incredibly easy plant to grow as it can be cultivated in a number of different growing environments including traditional soil patches, and patio containers -- you even grow strawberries indoors with hydroponic setups. Better yet, not only do they have a fabulous taste, but the best varieties of strawberry plants also beautify your garden with their lush foliage and bright red fruits. Read ahead for our latest helpful diy gardening guides and top tips for how to grow a strawberry plant to thrive in your backyard garden this season.



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Planting a home garden is a simple and rewarding activity. Not only can maintaining a backyard garden be incredibly relaxing, but you will also reap the added benefit of fresh fruits and vegetables to enjoy every day. Browse the many strawberry garden photos in our gallery of fabulous easy to grow produce plants for great inspiration of how to incorporate this fruit in your backyard plots. Whether you wish to plant a small isolated bush or a unique strawberry tree, these fabulous plants are sure to brighten your landscape design with their thick foliage and vibrant red fruit. You can purchase organic strawberry seeds or maturing plants at nearly any local home improvement warehouse or online plant nursery. Be sure to select quality plants already loaded with lovely strawberry flowers and healthy buds guaranteeing new growth. Avoid plants with berries visibly grown as they have already reached maturity and may not transplant well into your garden.

In order to produce beautiful and delicious strawberries at home, you must understand proper cultivation techniques and their requirements for optimal growth. The strawberry is actually one of the easiest fruit to grow, as they are quite hardy and can thrive in a variety of regional climates and weather conditions. For readers who are wondering how do you plant strawberries, the best place to begin is with quality seeds and a well lit plot. Berry plants should be grown in an area with direct sunlight for at least 6 hours everyday, with the best crops coming from patches able to take advantage of full sun. In order to decide when to plant a garden filled with strawberries, consider your region’s growing season and cultivate at early spring to ensure rapid root growth. Fertilizing strawberries properly is another very important step because they require an excess of nutrients that may not be replenished naturally in some soil conditions. The best fruit trees are grown with a low-nitrogen fertilizer containing high phosphorous and enough lime to promote a soil pH of 6-7.


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Another important aspect to consider when planting strawberries in your home garden is their growth pattern. Unlike other self contained berries such as a raspberry plant, strawberry patches have a tendency to rapidly expand. Most garden plants expand via a complex network of primary roots with underground branching. Certain produce also employ a plant runner that originates from leaves and stems to expand above ground in a tangled system of vines. Remember this characteristic when creating your plots because strawberry runners will shoot out amongst your other plants and can quickly crowd the garden. You can use this trait to your advantage, however, by utilizing everbearing strawberry patches as unique and quick growing ground cover. Paired with a beautiful blueberry bush or great flowering tree, the strawberry’s unique look and vibrant colors will elevate casual cottage style landscapes by adding a whimsical and unexpected design element.

Growing strawberries in containers allows you to produce delicious fresh fruit no matter what style home you live in.  With a unique strawberry container garden, apartment dwellers or homeowners with limited yard space now have the ability to simulate a diy backyard patch on barren concrete patios or isolated decks. Whether you choose a hanging planter or decorative potted plants, you can produce delicious strawberries all season long as long as your space has adequate sunlight and warm temperatures. Strawberries are one of the best plants to grow in garden pots because you have exceptional control over the environment. Common varieties such as the albion strawberry require deep well drained soil with full sun and low wind – well place containers will meet all of these specific needs. They even make great indoor plants if you have a dedicated area with adequate sunlight. When planting strawberries in pots remember our diy tips for producing fabulous homegrown produce and also be sure to harvest regularly to prevent overgrowth in the limited area.


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One of the hottest trends for 2016 landscaping is incorporating touches of the unexpected throughout your garden design. A fabulous way to bring this popular look to your own backyard décor is through brightly colored gardening fruits. Think outside of the box and utilize strawberry plants to add a unique twist to all of your favorite home garden ideas. For example, fill decorative planter boxes with strawberry vines or embellish covered porches with hanging baskets brimming with the growing fruit. The pop of color from their eye catching red fruit paired against the lush green leaves will add a whimsical touch to lackluster outdoor style. You can also design the layout of your backyard produce patches with this delicious fruit in mind. A great way to elevate ordinary home garden plots is growing versatile rhubarb next to your strawberry plants. This delicious pair makes fabulous pies and other great dishes as well as thrives in the same type of soil and sun conditions.


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