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Do you want to add unique focal pieces to your landscape that will surely make your home the talk of the neighborhood? Check out outdoor statues with online garden pictures & gallery to help you decide which pieces can add fun and whimsy to your décor. Unique garden décor statues are a “hardscaping” landscaping element that enhances and adds interest to the “softscaping” features of your yard such as flower beds, lawn space and planted areas.  Combining these two elements boosts visual interest and creates a professionally finished look in the completed outdoor space.  Remember that outdoor design ideas do not have to be boring and ordinary – why not overhaul your tired backyard with modern styles.  The newest 2016 trends in landscape design bring a myriad of new options to revamp this versatile space, from unique concrete lawn statues to colorful plant-lined pathways leading to water features and contemporary metal work sculptures. 



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The variety of garden ornaments and statues available today is quite extensive -- whether your personal preference leans contemporary or classical, garden statuary comes in a myriad of styles and themes that can be incorporated into any landscape.  Pieces are often thematic in design and embody such varied topics as wildlife, religion, eclectic fairy statues for the garden, art, or childhood nursery rhymes.  Designers agree that the best garden decorations are those that are unique and unexpected. Outdoor animal statues are an enchanting way to incorporate this trend into your garden design.  For example, add a touch of cheer to your space with whimsical yard art such as dog statues tucked amongst the plants peaking out at your guests. Similarly, incorporating a sleeping cat garden statue is great way to bring this theme to a more serene space.    To add a classical touch to your space, flank entrance ways or stairs with a pair of lion statues.  For an instant conversation starter consider hiding zombie lawn gnomes throughout your outdoor area – with their unexpected gruesomely animated faces no yard can be safe from their infectious humor.




Your garden is an expression of your personality– outdoor concrete yard statues are the perfect venue to highlight your passions and creativity.  Incorporate your spiritual side in the space with one of a large variety of religious themed yard decorations available.  From a small Buddha tucked into a potted plant to large Virgin Mary outdoor statues, today’s marketplace has a wide variety of options to express your beliefs in a subtle or grand way.  Browse specialty shops online and in your area for spiritually themed concrete garden ornaments and statues in a variety of sizes and finishes.  For example, laughing Buddha statues for the garden come in a variety of materials from faux marble, to sandstone and a more ornamental looking polished bronze.  If your spiritual side is a bit more gothic include a weeping angel garden statue. These garden art ideas can even be functional as religious symbols for outdoor meditation or prayer, transforming your backyard space into a tranquil sanctuary for relaxation and reflection.



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Natural looking décor is currently a very popular trend in 2016 contemporary garden design.  A great way to incorporate this modern look into your own backyard space is through trendy outdoor bronze garden sculptures and statues.  Artistic sculptures and metal work are a welcome addition to any garden as the natural curves and materials characteristic of this style enhance the organic feel of the garden.  You can even turn your garden into a unique outdoor art gallery by incorporating several striking pieces throughout a single large or multiple small flower beds.  To incorporate this art gallery feel even more, consider small solar garden lights at the base of each statue to illuminate them during the evenings, or portion off the statue beds with edging techniques that can be implemented to direct the eyed towards your modern yard art. What could be more unique and impressive than entertaining your guests in a unique outdoor garden gallery?



Expert designers agree that one of the easiest diy home design ideas to drastically transform your outdoor space is installing distinctive water features into your garden areas.  To add further elegance to your outdoor space and inject design and excitement in to lackluster areas use a water element to highlight decorative pieces such as cast stone statues or outdoor metal garden sculptures.  The addition of garden fountains and statues in your backyard pond adds a romantic touch and instantly make any space more elegant while the soothing sound of trickling water promotes relaxation in your outdoor sanctuary.    For example, bronze garden statues of children make a whimsical addition to the center of a concrete patio fountain or placed in the foliage around a small pond.  Browse our online photo galleries for inspiration on how to include large yard statues into your own water elements and then explore local lawn and garden décor stores or neighborhood thrift shops for unique pieces to make a striking statement in your outdoor space.



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Incorporating unique contemporary trends in landscape décor and garden statuary is one of the simplest ways to give your property the expertly finished look that will have your neighbors wondering how much you spent on professional designers.  To achieve the look of expert landscaping in your own do it yourself plans remember to include these hardscaping elements to enhance the softscaping features of your yard and create a completed look.  As you plan how to incorporate these modern garden ideas into your design keep in mind that one of the most popular outdoor décor trends of 2016 is to incorporate the unexpected into your space.  A great way have fun with this trend and add a touch of whimsy to your yard space is by incorporating eclectic decorative pieces throughout your design.  Look to DIY Home Design Ideas photo galleries and guides for inspiration and information on how to transform that dull and forgotten yard into a dream garden sanctuary in no time at all, quickly making it the centerpiece of your home.


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