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Are you remodeling your drab unused backyard space but don’t know where to begin? Check out the latest 2016 trends in outside living with beautiful outdoor design ideas and pictures in free online galleries for inspiration.  Using diy outdoor designs, transforming your current space into a backyard oasis can be both easy and inexpensive.   Regardless of the size, budget or design concept, outdoor decorating ideas can be implemented in any home to enhance exterior living areas and give your family and friends a unique space to relax away from the television.  These versatile spaces can even include luxury amenities like fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and decorative covered patios to shield your guests from the hot summer sun.  From easy outside design layouts & plans to simple backyard garden ideas, diy Home Design Ideas will show you how to make over your dull and forgotten yard, transforming it from boring to beautiful and quickly making it the centerpiece of your home.



Outdoor Designs


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Top experienced outdoor house designers agree that the best way to begin enhancing your exterior design is by incorporating landscaping ideas for front yard that can be utilized all the way through your outdoor living space.  By keeping decorating schemes throughout your property unified with similar plants, flowers & color palettes, not only will your space gain a more unified professional look, but smaller yards will also appear larger.  Small backyard landscaping ideas are generally very clean and detail-oriented with the purpose of minimizing the appearance of crowding and clutter in order to give the illusion of larger spaces. Simple solutions to achieve this look in your own home could be to include the color of your front door or shutters into your backyard color schemes – including garden lawn ornaments, an accent color in textiles or a cheap outside furniture set -- or by filling decorative pots and edging your patios with flowers that are also found in your front yard.  Incorporating these ideas throughout your exterior will give your property a unified contemporary look and quickly make your home the envy of the neighborhood.




An important thing to consider when designing your outdoor living space is your regions climate and weather patterns.  Screened in porch and patio designs come with a wide variety of features to accommodate your needs.  For example if you live in a region known for hot humid summers you may consider a screened in porch with ceiling and walls fans to circulate air while protecting you from pesky bugs.  With extreme winters, look for porch or free-standing shelter designs with slopped roofs to accommodate the weight of snow. Pictures of deck design ideas can be wonderful inspiration pieces for your home.  Oftentimes an online photo gallery will also include easy outside design plans with details of how to build the decks and decorative shelters featured as well as give an estimation of prices.  Remember there are many types of decks and covered patios that will allow you to continue your outside entertaining through a variety of seasonal weather --- look for designs that will be most comfortable and functional for your family while still blending well with your existing landscape.



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As you plan your outdoor living spaces remember that home landscaping designs are just the beginning of your backyard transformation.  Current 2016 outdoor design trends mix practicality, style and luxury by upgrading outside living areas with lavish amenities such integrated kitchens and heating elements.  For example, the latest popular ideas for outdoor kitchens include built in gas grills and stove tops, wood burning ovens and even elaborate bar areas with beer on tap.  Not only will these luxury features provide a wow-factor to your family and friends, but can also make your outdoor living spaces more functional.  Incorporating stone outdoor fire pit ideas into your patio or seating area will create a heated outside living space that you and your guests can use all year round.  This theme of luxury in the residential backyard will continue into 2016 as contemporary homeowners continue to pursue an extravagant escape in their own homes.  Outdoor kitchens, integrated fire pits, lounging spaces and fully stocked bars are just the beginning.



Remember, an important aspect of contemporary exterior house designs is creating an environment that is not only beautiful, but functional and safe as well.  Exterior lighting is an essential feature of all outdoor living spaces, as not only does it provide illumination for nighttime entertaining, but it also ensures the safety of your family and friends by ensuring that pathways and dark corners are sufficiently lit.  Current trends for 2015 and 2016 in recent exterior décor shows demonstrate that outdoor solar garden lights are a popular option because they are affordable, easy to install and best of all require no additional cost for electricity or professional wiring.  These solar powered lights store energy from daytime sun and then use this to provide a pleasant soft illumination to your living space for nighttime entertaining.  Make sure to choose the appropriate type of light for the job – path lights are smaller and designed to focus their light downward, while task lights and spot lights are meant to be mounted and illuminate larger areas.



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Fueled by consumers’ desire to save money by opting to stay at home during vacation months, the year 2016 brought about the concept of “staycations” rather than traditional vacations.  In keeping with this trend, why not transform your boring outdoor living area into a residential oasis comparable to any five star resort with current outdoor living ideas that incorporate beauty, luxury and functionality.  When creating the perfect outside living space, keep in mind the latest trends in easy outdoor design schemes to keep your layout beautiful and efficient as well as contemporary.  Then as you develop your design plans, remember to look to outdoor patio ideas and photos for inspiration and check out local nurseries, home improvement warehouses and thrift stores for cool outside décor at inexpensive prices.  Not only will your new sanctuary provide your family and friends with a great area for daily fun and entertaining, but remodeling this often overlooked space into a beautiful and functional outdoor room can greatly increase the value of your home.  Look no further and let diy Home Design Ideas show you the best outdoor designs that will transform your drab outdoor space into your dream backyard on any budget. 


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