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Have you ever noticed that your outside kitchen tends to be the gathering place for friends, family and guests while entertaining? Regardless of if you are entertaining outdoors on your patio or indoors in your living room, people tend to congregate in the kitchen to eat and chat with the host. So why not bring this space outside with your guests by building an outdoor patio kitchen? Outside kitchens prevent you from having to make many trips indoors to check on or prepare food, gather dishes and utensils, and transfer items from the fridge to the grill. Plus these spaces allow you to spend more time conversing with your guests and enjoying your own party. So do not waste time contemplating the pros and cons to building this space, rather begin browsing through our outdoor kitchen designs pictures and ideas and start planning one today! With the right tools, plus our tips on creating DIY outdoor kitchen plans free layouts and much more, this can be a straightforward task that a do it yourself homeowner can accomplish with ease!



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When you begin to plan and design an outdoor kitchen there are a few key aspects you should keep in mind. First you want to consider the size of your yard in order to determine what features you have space for. After all you do not want to install a large bbq island, fireplace, and enormous grill with an attached oven only to realize that it takes up your entire yard after you complete the project. Therefore, it is advantageous to measure the exact dimensions of your work area before you start remodeling. If you have a larger yard you can mark off the area that you plan to build your out door kitchen to get an idea of how much space it will take up. Something else that can be very helpful when creating your plans is purchasing kitchen design software which allows you to build your very own electronic blueprints, incorporate different items such as a pizza oven or outdoor dining furniture, and even view your creations as if you were really walking through them. This software can be downloaded for free, or you can find relatively inexpensive programs from many vendors.

For those homeowners who have smaller yards and may not have a large amount of space on their deck, you can still enjoy the luxury of an outdoor patio bar and kitchen by purchasing a prefab kitchen kit. These prefab outdoor kitchen kits typically come equipped with an island, cabinets, room for a countertop grill, a sink, and sometimes even space for a refrigerator or other small outside appliance. These kits are ideal for almost all patio designs because they require little to no construction, all you need is flat, level surface to place the unit and to connect the gas, electrical, or water lines, depending on what features your unit holds. Because it can be a hassle to connect new electrical or gas lines to power your outdoor stove, some of these prefab units come with propane powered barbecue grills that do not require a direct hookup to a gas line. Rather you can use the propane tanks that are used in traditional gas grills, which will save installation time and money.


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Once you determine the optimal size of your outdoor cooking area, you can then begin to decide what types of appliances and feature you would like to incorporate. Homeowners with a lot of space and a large budget may be able to afford extravagant features such as custom built cabinets, natural stone kitchen islands with a decorative backsplash and bar counter, and stainless steel appliances. However, even with a smaller budget you can still incorporate similar features into your designs by shopping for bargain prices. One way you will save a lot of money will be to complete this task as a DIY project with the help of your family or friends. By not having to pay for professional labor you can allocate your funds towards purchasing beautiful stainless steel cabinets or that swanky six burner stove top you have had your eye on. Features that are characteristic of outdoor summer kitchens are cabinets, a sink station, a grill, and furniture. Browsing through our collection of 2016 outdoor kitchen photos will show you some of the items that are traditionally used in these spaces, the different materials available, and also various layouts that can be used.

Specific materials should be used and installed when building outdoor kitchens. Because appliances, furniture, and cabinetry will be located outside, they will be subject to varying temperatures and weather conditions. For this reason, waterproof materials should be on the top of your list when searching for kitchen cabinet ideas and appliances to ensure that they do not warp or rot from water damage, or electrocute you or your guests. Redwood tends to be a very durable and waterproof material and is idea for use in outdoor spaces. This material can be used to edge the perimeter of outdoor living spaces or can be used to build a custom bar cabinet, patio furniture, or pergola to cover the area. Another thing to consider when creating your outdoor barbeque designs is the ideal placement of the grill or stove top. You will want to install your grill in an open area that is not covered by a roof so that the smoke can ventilate off the grill without smothering your guests while they sit and relax.


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If you put a lot of time and money in to build your own outdoor kitchen, you will probably want to be able to enjoy this space year round and not just when it is warm. Therefore including outdoor fire pits or fireplaces into your backyard kitchen ideas and designs will be valuable. There are many different ways in which you can incorporate of these features into your outdoor remodel. For example, if you are looking for fire pit ideas, consider building a custom made one of brick or stone in the middle of your patio you can easily place furniture around to provide warmth, or that your children can easily access roast marshmallows. You can also purchase a portable fire pit that can be relocated to different areas of your yard. Although both these options accomplish the job of keeping you warm, fireplaces tend to do a better job of ventilating smoke away from people. Our images online show a variety of different types of outdoor fireplaces include free standing, ones that are built into pre-existing walls, and ones incorporated into support columns of outside pavilions.


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