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Outdoor Fire Pit


An outdoor firepit is a great option for homeowners looking for a nonpermanent and affordable heating option for their backyard. Whether you choose a permanent or portable fire pit option, this multifunctional outdoor feature can be used year round to create a warm and welcoming environment. Fire pits can be used to cook meals for outdoor barbeques, as a heater to keep warm during the cooler months of the year, or simply as a decorative focal point for your property. Because this is such a diverse feature for your back yard, it is important to choose the right design, layout, and materials for your pit. Outside fire pit ideas come in a broad range of styles ranging from designs with a campfire look or those that resemble a miniature chimney. Here you can find an assortment of outdoor fire pit designs ideas and pictures that will provide you with inspiration to help you choose the right look for your yard. How to build a fire pit outside will depend on the size or your property, set up of your landscape, and the particular design you are trying to achieve.



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The type of fire pit you choose will depend on the role you would like this structure to play. For those looking for outdoor heaters, consider the simpler designs such as a fire pit ring, bowl, or chiminea. Fire pit rings are excellent for homeowners who are looking for an attractive and functional outdoor heater. Most rings are constructed of metal such as stainless steel or cast iron with decorative shapes cut into the sides. Not only do these provide a beautiful look for your outdoor living space but they are quick and easy to set up. You can find numerous fire pit rings at lowes or your local home improvement store that allow for diy assembly. Most fire pit rings are wood burning structures that that snap together easily to form a safe enclosure for your fire. For those homeowners who want to get more use out of their fire pit ring than just a heater, consider purchasing a screen or grate to place on top for cooking. These grates will allow you transform your heater into the perfect campfire cooking space in your own backyard.

Other popular decorative fire pit ideas include chimineas and copper bowls. Copper bowls are the most durable form of fire pits because of the material they are made from. The beautiful color of copper offers a unique look to your outdoor living space while providing stylish focal point for the area. These fire pits come in a variety of different styles that will add a distinctive look to your deck or patio. Some of the most popular deck ideas that incorporate copper into the plans include bowls, square fire pits, or fireplaces with copper accents. Another great option for an outdoor heater is a chiminea, or fire pit chimney. A chiminea is a portable, Mexican styled front loading fireplace that adds an attractive and warm feel to your patio or deck. Chimineas are often built with a round bottom and tall chimney on top and can be made from several different materials including concrete, cast iron, and clay. Clay chimineas are great for homeowners looking for smaller, less permanent structures that can be used for warming an outdoor area as well as for cooking outside.


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While wood burning fire pits provide you with the smell of natural woods, they are not always ideal for creating quick fires. If you are looking to use your fire pit for cooking, consider installing gas burners. Gas fire pit burners are great for outdoor kitchens because they cook faster with the added benefit of being easier to clean and fuel. Outdoor gas fire pits for decks come in a variety of different styles including ground level bowls, tables, and pillars. One of the most popular types of gas fire pits are those that are built into a table. Fire pit tables create a modern design in your outdoor living space, transforming a previously dull dining table into an exciting center piece. The design of these tables range from a simple elevated fire pit bowl, to more elaborate, flaming structures integrated into patio furniture. Our outdoor patio photos show many different styles of fire pit tables made from various materials including copper, metal, and mosaic tile to add an attractive look to your backyard. Choose from propane or natural gas to provide the best fuel to your fire.

If you prefer a more eclectic look for your deck, stray away from simple wood burning fire pit plans. The top choices for unique backyard ideas include lp gas fire pits that use glass and lava rocks for their source of flame. Glass fire pits are a great alternative to wood and other rocks because they can withstand high heat without damage and come in an assortment of colors. These are great for homeowners trying to achieve a modern style in their backyard. For those who desire a more natural look for their property, consider installing a lava rock fire pit. Lava rocks come in several different shades of browns, reds, and grays that create an attractive look on their own, as well as a beautiful underlayment for wood, glass, or natural stone. These rocks can be used in both pits and fireplaces to provide a safe and effective way of heating your outdoor living area. Lava rocks and glass are ideal for building a fire pit on a wood deck because, unlike wood, these fires do not emit burning embers and dust, reducing the risk of hazardous embers and burns.


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Although fire pits are commonly used on decks or patios, their portability increases their uses throughout the yard. Unlike gas pit and outdoor fireplaces that have to be permanently installed in one space, wood burning fire pits can be picked up and stationed throughout the yard. You can use your fire pit to warm you patio area when entertaining guests in the evenings or cooler months of the year, as well as move it down into the center of the yard to provide the perfect campfire for your children to roast marshmallows during the summer. Most portable fire pits can be placed anywhere in the yard as long as flammable debris is swept area from the area. However, to avoid having to clean the area every time you move the pit, consider designing a place in the yard specifically for this feature. The best simple landscaping ideas that incorporate a space for a fire pit will create a solid surface in the yard made from stone or brick, accompanied by built in seating to provide a place for people to gather and enjoy the warmth of the fire.


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