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Inground Pools


In ground swimming pools are a popular trend in 2016 outdoor home design because they provide an outlet for fun and fitness in your own backyard. Backyard pools are a great addition to any home, creating a fun filled water get away in the privacy of your own home. By installing below ground pools in your backyard, homeowners avoid the crowds, noise, and hassles that are associated with local community pools and create a relaxing and enjoyable environment for their families. Underground pools are a common choice today, because unlike above ground pools, they are level with the ground, creating a unified landscape that is more visually appealing. When installing a pool in your backyard, you will want to choose the size, shape, design and type of material that will best suit you and your family’s needs. Here you can find an assortment of the best inground pool designs ideas pictures and diy plans to help make this process a little easier. One of the first things you should consider in your pool installation plans is the type of structure and material to use.



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There are many different types of materials to use when constructing your swimming pool, each of which will determine not only the cost of the entire project, but also the level of maintenance your pool will require. Gunite, vinyl, and fiberglass are the most common supplies to use in pool assembly. An inground gunite pool is made from a steel enforced frame, covered with cement and plaster to create a strong, and durable structure. This type of pool is one of the most popular designs chosen today because, not only are they long lasting, but they can take on any shape or size.  If you are looking to keep your pool prices down, this is not the ideal choice for you because gunite is the most expensive material to use. Vinyl is another common material to use for pool installation, and the pricing is lower than gunite. Inground vinyl pools consist of a metal, plastic, or wood frame placed in the excavated area covered with sand and a vinyl liner. Although vinyl is less expensive, they are not as durable as other in ground designs and can tear easily.

An alternative option for those homeowners searching for a budget friendly pool that is both durable and easy to build, consider installing a fiberglass inground pools. Not only is it the least expensive option, but a fiberglass pool is made from a fiberglass reinforced plastic that is molded into a certain shape and then placed into your yard as a one-piece shell. The average cost for an inground pool will range between $10,000-50,000, depending on the size and material you choose to use. Installation is a huge factor in determining the overall price, however you can cut the cost significantly if you eliminate the pool builder and do it yourself or just remodel your existing structure. Installing pool tile is the best way to revamp diy pools and they can be put it concrete or gunite pools and can add a beautiful splash of color to the area. After determining the type of material you will be using to construct your pool, the next thing to consider is the accessories and cleaning systems you will be using. Chlorine or saltwater are the most common methods to use.


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Many homeowners are choosing to install salt water pools instead of chlorine, because they do not utilize as much harsh, damaging chemicals. Accessories such as heaters, slides and pool steps are great additions to your outdoor swimming area enhance it and create a more functional space. Installing pool heater not only provides you with a nice warm swimming experience, but it also extends the time that you can use your pool. Solar pool heaters are the latest trend in outdoor design because they are an eco friendly way to heat your pool. Solar heaters work by heating the water that passes through the filters, making use of your current filtration system. They are perfect for use in inground spa pools because these tend to require more warmth than other styles. Another popular trend in pool design is to create your own backyard spa. A pool and spa transforms your backyard into a relaxing oasis by incorporating features such as a hot tub or sauna. For homeowners with children, consider including a pool slide in the design for added outdoor fun.

Pool safety covers are another practical and useful accessory to install. No one enjoys having to rake those pesky bugs or leaves out of the pool every morning before a swim and not everyone can afford pool maintenance. Swimming pool covers not only keep the space clean by preventing leaves, sticks, insects and dirt from getting in, but it also provides added safety by stopping children and pets from entering the pool without your supervision. Retractable covers are a great choice for homeowners who have children or pets because it allows you to quickly and easily cover the pool at anytime. If you prefer not to cover your pool, an easy way to keep it clean is to use a filtration system. One of the best small pool ideas for extra filtration includes using decorative accessories such as waterfalls to the structure. These are best installed on semi inground designs and not only provide you with a beautiful decoration for your outdoor swimming pool, but promotes water circulation and filtration. View our pictures of pools for stylish design ideas and inspiration.


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Although in ground pools are a more sought after choice for backyard swimming structures, not everyone can afford the cost of installation. An above ground pool is an excellent alternative to the in ground set up because it provides you with the same outdoor swimming experience at a significantly lower cost. The best above ground pools incorporate stylish decorations into the design such as wood panel siding or built in deck space. Above ground pool can be placed anywhere in the yard and are not permanent, making them easy to install and remove. Above ground swimming structures are often constructed near a patio or deck to provide a space for sun bathing, enjoying a pool side meal, or supervising children. Great swimming pool ideas include installing the structure right next to the house and building a deck surrounding the pool and providing easy access to the house. Consider adding fun accessories such as slides, basketball hoops and volley ball nets in and around the pool to provide added entertainment to your family and guests.


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