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Swimming Pools


Building a pool in the backyard is a great addition to any home because it provides you with a place to cool off during the hot summer months, creating a beautiful outdoor oasis for you and your family to enjoy. The best pictures of swimming pools in 2016 depict a very modern style with elaborate accessories such as fountains or fire elements. These unique swimming pool pics show great designs for both in ground and above ground layouts with décor options for any styled home. If you are looking to add a swimming pool to your home but don’t know where to begin, take a look at our photo gallery of the most popular pictures of patios and pools to find the best designs and trends of outdoor remodeling. This article discusses how you can use these pictures to help you plan luxury pool designs and outdoor pool décor for your home. In addition to our images of swimming pool designs, we also offer simple pool house plans to enhance your outdoor experience. There are many different things to consider before building your pool, the first being the type you would like.



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Two types of swimming pools to design for your backyard. In ground pools are permanent structures that are dug into the landscape. These types of pools not only provide a wonderful outdoor environment for entertaining, fun and fitness, but it is also an investment in your home. Adding an in ground pool to your property will increase the value of your home and make it easier to sell in the future. Custom inground pools can be constructed from three different materials including fiberglass, vinyl and gunite. Fiberglass swimming pools are the best option for homeowners on a budget because they are the least expensive. This type of pool comes in one large insert that is placed into the ground. Vinyl pools are similar to fiberglass in that they have a reinforced shell, however they are covered with a liner. Vinyl is one of the best swimming pool liners because it is durable and inexpensive. Pictures of pool liners show a variety of colorful options as well as different patterns and textures to choose from. The third material option is gunite.

Gunite pools are the most expensive of the three, however, it is also the best option. This type of pool is made from a mixture of concrete and sand that is sprayed onto the framework of the pool. Gunite is the most durable material and offers a lot of flexibility in design because you can choose any custom shape and size, making it a great option for semi inground pools. If you do not have the money to build in ground or prefer a different style, consider above ground pools. Above ground pools are great diy home design ideas for your outdoor landscape because they are easy to install and less expensive than the in ground layout. Above ground pools are structures of varying sizes that sit on top of your property. They can be soft sided and portable or they can have hard walls that are more permanent structures. Portable, soft sided pools are the best option for homes with small properties because they can be set out and taken up when needed. You can find a variety of great online pictures of pools in small backyard designs that show a variety of styles and shapes of soft sided, portable options for your home.


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If you prefer a more permanent structure in your yard, consider installing a hard walled above ground pool. This type of pool comes in a circular or oval shape that can be shallow or deep, depending on your personal preference. Because this is a raised structure, there is no extra space around the pool to sit and relax. As a result, it is common to purchase a pool with a deck or build one around it. A deck is one of the best pool landscape designs for your back yard because it creates an area to sit around the water and adds a more beautiful look to your backyard. There are many different decking options to add to your pool such as simple pool decks or more elegant stone patios. You can find cool above ground pool pics that show an assortment of decking options for this area as well as the most popular designs of 2016. Take a moment to browse through our online gallery of free landscape pictures to find the best design to incorporate into your backyard. Our picture gallery of luxury swimming pool photos shows a variety of deck plans for your above ground pool, including wood siding, chic step plans, as well as designs with stones, fire pits, and waterfalls.

Once you have chosen a type of pool to install in your backyard, the next thing to consider is the outdoor décor and landscaping. In 2016, the top swimming pool ideas and pictures paired simple layouts with more elaborate décor and accessories. Our gallery of award winning swimming pool pictures shows that the most popular design is a square or rectangular shape with various colors of tile. Square and rectangular shapes are the simplest ways to design a pool with the most functionality. This shape offers a space for homeowners to relax and soak up the sun during the summer as well as provides an area for those who choose to swim laps for fitness. Moreover, tile is a great choice for the pool because it adds color and style to the area without having to worry about damage to paint or stains. The top swimming pool tile ideas for 2016 as well as 2016 include ceramic, glass, and stainless steel. Glass and ceramic are the most popular because they come in an assortment of colors that can create beautiful multicolored mosaics on your pool floor.


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Another popular trend in outdoor pool design is the addition of water elements to the area. The most popular flourishes include fountains, stepping stones, and beautiful pool waterfalls. Waterfalls are a great addition to any sized pool, but are particularly beneficial to smaller designs. Some of the most well-liked small swimming pool ideas include water features such as a waterfall because they add an extra element to the pool and enhance the area, as well as provides you with a beautiful focal point in your yard. Other common additions a home with a swimming area is a pool house. Pool houses are great spaces to store furniture, toys, and floats both on and off season. Pictures of pool houses show many different designs, ranging from simple storage sheds to more elaborate constructions with kitchens, living rooms or bedrooms built inside. Home design pictures of new pools often depict a pool house or storage shed in the background. Take a look at our great swimming pool images with pool houses to find the best plans, layouts, and designs for this space.


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