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What better way to enhance your backyard spaces than with a fantastic luxury pool.  There are a wide variety of versatile custom pools available that are sure to blend seamlessly into any landscape or outdoor entertaining area.  Our favorite designer pools for 2016 are made of a decoratively versatile and highly durable fiberglass material.  Fiberglass is a unique strong and lightweight product composed of tiny glass threads woven into a fabric-like substance that is then hardened with resin and coated in a weather resistant gel.  You may be wondering why choose this over the wide variety of other pool materials offered in today’s marketplace. The answer is simple -- fiberglass swimming pools are a fabulous choice to bring your dream designs to life because they are easy to install, long-lasting and come in a wide variety of shapes and styles to suit any design concept. Here you will find our fabulous collection of the top fiberglass pool designs ideas & photos for 2016 that will inspire you to infuse this great modern style into your dull backyard spaces. 



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Upgrade your outdated exterior entertaining spaces with fabulous diy designs for fiberglass backyard pools.  Popular inground swimming pools come in a wide variety of shapes, styles and materials that are sure to find a place in any design. Professional landscapers agree that fiber glass pool inserts are the best option for diy renovators to create high quality under ground pools because of their easy to install pre-molded construction that is simply placed into the ground in one piece. There are many additional benefits of concrete vs fiberglass pools that make this product the top choice for bringing an unforgettable outdoor oasis to life.  Unlike concrete pools, this material does not allow unsightly pits on the interior surface and, as such, is more resistant to algae growth and pH fluctuations. The smooth exterior of fiberglass pool shells also decrease resistance on the water surface, reducing the need to run pool filters and making it more energy efficient while saving you valuable dollars. Best of all, fabulous fiber glass pool inserts can be installed in just a matter of days.

Fiberglass pools are a wonderful feature to upgrade your backyard design, quickly providing hours of fun in the sun for family and friends while remaining beautiful and durable for years to come.  Whether you are looking at materials for small swimming pools or a grand outdoor spa, versatile fiberglass designs are a fabulous addition to any space.  From great full size varieties to mini fiberglass pools, there are a wide range of decorative choices available that can even be heated or installed with a spa option to extend the swimming season. Even better, there are very few reported problems with fiberglass pools, making them the ideal selection for a diy outdoor remodel.  Unlike concrete varieties, fiberglass pool tile and shells are fairly low maintenance and do not require periodic resurfacing or liner replacement.  Remember to select quality brands such as Viking pools to ensure that your fiberglass design will remain stunning and brand new looking for years to come. 


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As motivated homeowners shop around for materials perfect for their diy pool design project, the overwhelming variety of products available today can be quite daunting. Many of our readers wonder what are the benefits of fiberglass over popular gunite swimming pools. The answer is very simple. Gunite vs fiberglass products generally require time consuming professional installation due to the steps involved to build those common sizes of inground pools. Unlike easy to use fiberglass pool paint, this material -- essentially gunned concrete -- is a mixture of sand and cement that is sprayed in layers onto contoured supports to create the finished design. Gunite application is more complex than fiberglass because it is applied dry then sprayed with water and eventually plastered, making installation quite time consuming and challenging for the typical diy home remodeler.  For this reason, we highly suggest selecting user friendly fiberglass for your do it yourself pool project.

There is an endless variety of unique fiberglass pool sizes and shapes available, so selecting the best design for your space can be a challenge. If you are unsure of how fiber glass pool inserts will fit into your decor scheme check out our idea gallery for inspiration. The outdoor design showroom is filled with fabulous photos of pools featuring the latest 2016 design trends. For more helpful tips, browse our informative outdoor remodeling guides filled with answers to all your design questions, from the cost of building fiberglass pools to how to implement your construction plans and many more. Next, make installation hassle-free by purchasing easy to use diy fiberglass kits.  These products can be found online or at local aquatic supply stores in a wide variety of pool sizes and shapes to make bringing your dream design ideas to life easier than every before.  Even better, quality premade kits often eliminate the future costs of pool repair and fiberglass resurfacing.  Shop around to find the best pool prices in the styles that will fit best in your landscape design scheme. 


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Easy diy fiberglass pool designs incorporate luxury, exotic beauty and above all hours of great fun to your backyard living areas.  They can transform any ordinary space into something extraordinary sure to instantly become the highlight of your home. Whether you prefer a small spa design or a large kid friendly aquatic play areas, it is easy to find a custom fiberglass pool style absolutely perfect for your layout.  Look no further for fabulous design ideas and inspiration -- we are your top resource for the best unique and stylish swimming pool ideas to incorporate into your outdated backyard landscape. To create that unforgettable pool feature that is as enjoyable and durable as it is contemporary, select the latest popular fiberglass products perfect for a diy backyard makeover ideas. Stunning customized designs will integrate your new pool flawlessly into the existing space to create a fabulous outdoor oasis that your friends and family will enjoy for years to come.


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