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Pool Landscaping


Searching through our online gallery you can find some of the best pictures and ideas for pool landscaping in 2016. With every New Year come new design trends for both interior and exterior décor, and landscaping around pools is no exception. Decorating the area around a swimming pool is a very important aspect of your backyard landscape because you will want to make the space as beautiful as possible. There are many outdoor pool decorating ideas that you can choose from to help you find the perfect design for your space. You can plant trees and bushes around your deck, have potted flowers, or design a colorful garden behind your pool. If you live in a tropical environment planting exotic poolside palm trees will make your backyard an outdoor oasis. No matter the size of your property, with the right landscaping you can create beautiful backyards with a pool inground to enjoy year round. Choosing between swimming pool landscaping plants may seem difficult, but there are many DIY home design ideas that we can help with to create your dream home.


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There are many online resources to make you landscaping plans easier. You can find many photo galleries that can show you different nautical poolside décor trends in both plants and patio furniture. You can also find luxury swimming pool ideas and pictures to make your backyard a look like a designer home. These trends include planting tropical vegetation such as palm trees or even installing premier pools with waterfalls in your yard. Looking through dream pool landscape photos can help you to plan a beautiful sanctuary for you to relax in during the warm months of the year. If you are in the market for a house and wish to have a place to swim, you can even find new home pool landscaping design photos online so that you choose the perfect place. The landscaping element of pool design is a very important feature. Choosing the proper plants for the area is vital so that you get the look you want. By looking through pictures of pools with landscaping you can find design inspiration to get an idea of where to place your plants as well as what types to have.


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In addition to looking at pictures for ideas for you pool and landscape design, there are tools online that can help you diagram your plan. 3D software programs that allow you to design your own pool online complete with landscaping tools to get the full effect. With these tools you can create a blueprint of your entire backyard and then add different plants and trees to design your landscaping. A great idea for 2016 pool designs for small backyards is to build a fence out of bushes or hedges. Holly bushes or Green Giant trees are great to plant around your perimeter to build a natural privacy fence because they are fast growing and reach tall heights. When you have a swimming space in your yard you will want to have privacy from the rest of the neighborhood so you will want a fence. But instead of installing a wood or metal one you can use plants to create a privacy fence. You can search top 2016 landscaping pictures to get ideas on how to build a natural fence around your swimming area.

The best types of plants that you choose to have around your pool is important. Luxury pool enclosures can produce a lot of humidity that can harm plants, in addition to intense sunlight that can also damage your landscaping. You will want to choose vegetation that can withstand humidity sunlight, and the chemicals from pool water splashing on them. Adding ornamental grasses or some broad-leafed evergreens are great simple landscaping ideas for a pool area. Trees surrounding your pool can add beauty to your yard while also providing shade during the hot sunny summer months. If you live in a warm environment that does not have frost during the winter you can plant Banana trees around your small fiberglass pools to create a tropical feel. These have beautiful long broad leaves that can create the atmosphere of an island escape. Adding flowers to you landscaping are great colorful options for small pool ideas. One great flower is the Hibiscus; it’s a beautiful white and pink flowered plant that has a nice tropical feel to it.


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Flowers can add a beautiful touch to any type of landscaping for traditional or modern pool shapes. Whether you are decorating above or semi inground pool designs, the key to flower arrangements is the placement. You want your pool to be the main focal point with the garden accenting it. Adding bouquets of Aeonium Rosettes to your pool landscape is a great option because not only does this plant add vibrant color, but it is also very low maintenance. This plant is drought-tolerant by storing water, it also requires very little grooming. The rosettes come in a variety of shapes and sizes making for great landscaping ideas for small yards. Colorful plants can also be a great accent to ceramic pool tile or lining in your pool. Popular colors for the insides of pools are blues, greys, and greens. So adding trees with deep greens or flowers with dark pinks or red tones to them can be great accents to your swimming pool tiles.

Another important feature to your pool landscaping is the patio or deck. Adding a concrete patio around the pool is great for a space to sit and enjoy the view. On the other hand, an idea for patio landscaping around above ground pools is to build a wooden deck surrounding it. You can accent your deck with different potted plants or add bushes and shrubs to the perimeter. If you want to have a unique style deck in your backyard you can look online for photos of different styles. You can find custom above ground pool deck to make add an outdoor oasis to your dream home. Outdoor pool lighting can also be a great addition to any yard. This can be done by installing hanging lanterns on posts surrounding your pool, or having lights installed underwater. This can illuminate your pool space making it easier to enjoy during the dark hours. No matter the style of your home, there are many patio landscape ideas to choose from to help you to create a luxury outdoor space for your enjoyment.

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