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After looking at a variety of simple modern home décor ideas, designs, and pictures, many homeowners choose to decorate their house with this style. The modern style is a unique home décor method that focuses on simplicity, combining modern paint colors with sleek furniture and minimalistic interior decorations. This modern design plan has become a popular trend in home décor throughout 2014 and into 2014. Many homeowners choose this style for the interior of their houses, decorating various rooms with a modern scheme, however, a lot of new homes today are being constructed with this design style in mind. One of the most popular features of modern house design is the distinctive architectural elements that are often present in industrial or urban buildings. Homes that are modeled with modern interior design styles make use of open floor plans with glass and steel accessories to create a clean, stylish look. This article discusses the most popular 2015 modern design trends to help you create this beautiful look in your home.



Modern Decorating


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Modern styles have varying degrees of intensity, and the level you choose will be based on your personal preference. The styles range from simplified modernism, which incorporates a few edgy décor options into the design scheme, to ultra modern decorating in which the whole home is encompassed by this sleek motif. A popular décor style that incorporates a few modern aspects into the scheme is contemporary design. Contemporary home designs provide an uncluttered look that is simple and makes use of clean lines, very similar to the modern style, but with more abstract additions. Contemporary design tends to incorporate styles that are popular at that point in time, while still providing a simple look to your home. Try to use basic decorations in this type of design. Hardwoods or low pile carpets are great flooring options that add a simple, sleek look to both contemporary and modern interiors. Contemporary styles also make use of neutral colors with bright accents, using creams, grays or whites on the walls with brightly colored rugs, pictures and other decorations.




If you prefer a simpler, more industrial design in your home then the modern style is right for you. Modern décor tends to make use of clear lines, simple color schemes, and natural light. However, the most common aspect of modern small house plans is an open layout with multifunctional rooms. Modern houses like to make use of all the available space and create large communal areas. These layouts tend to join rooms such as the kitchen, dining area, and living room together to create an open, flowing space. In addition to an open layout, the best ideas for decorating your home with a modern style are to use monochromatic paint colors with elaborate wall décor. Try to paint your walls with classic colors such as eggshell, taupe, gray, and other neutral colors to add a sophisticated look to your home. For bolder looks, consider painting one wall with bright colors such as reds, blues, or oranges. Other popular modern wall décor ideas include brightly colored pictures, abstract murals, striped walls, or textured coatings throughout the room.



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Keep in mind that each room of the house is not created equal. Although the general design scheme is the same, there are different ways to incorporate the modern style into each room of your home. The kitchen is one of the easiest rooms of the house to decorate with a modern design because of the nature of the room. Modern kitchen décor should use dark wood cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and simple flooring materials such as concrete, neutral tiles or hardwood. Glass is another great addition to the kitchen and can be incorporated into the countertops or cabinet doors to provide a sleek look to the area. Similar decorative concepts should be used in the bathroom as well. Some of the top modern bathroom ideas also make use of stainless steel appliances and dark cabinetry, however, glass is a more popular element of the bathroom. Glass tiles can be used in the shower, on the vanity countertop, as well as the walls of the bathroom. In addition, clear glass doors are commonly used on the showers to enhance the clean, sleek feel of the modern design.



Other areas of the house make use of the modern design in a different way. When using this type of style in the bedroom or living room, you have to be careful not to create a harsh, unwelcoming environment. The best color schemes to use in modern bedrooms are blacks or browns combined with cool hues such as blues and grays. Dark wood furniture is a great choice for this room because it provides a sleek look to the area while at the same time creating a welcoming atmosphere. Wood is also great to use as flooring and adds a clean look to the room. Because hardwood floors can get cold during the winter, consider adding an area rug to your room to soften up the room. Consider using light, neutral colored rugs to offset the dark furniture. Colorful bedding can also enhance the look of the room and provide more flair to the area. Blues, greens, and reds are great colors to use in a modern design. Other great diy home design ideas for modern bedrooms include the addition of large mirrors, abstract pictures, and bright light fixtures. 



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The modern living room should be designed similarly to the bedroom, incorporating the simple style with a colorful elegance. While the bedroom should create a calming environment, the living room is the complete opposite. A living room is where friends and family gather to spend time together and should have a stimulating atmosphere with a colorful palette to living the room and energize the mind. The best modern living room furniture to use is dark woods or steels with glass coffee tables and TV units, as well as simple sofas with clean edges. Leather sofas are great choices for modern living rooms, however, make sure to add some color to the walls and accessories to avoid over powering the room with dark tones. To get more ideas for how to decorate your home, consider looking at modern style house plans with photos. Design pictures are the best source of inspiration for any diy homeowner, whether you are looking for new house plans, remodeling ideas, or ways to decorate your home. Our dream house design plans photo gallery will provide you with the top house plans and decorating schemes of 2014, including the top décor to use in a modern home.



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