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When it comes to designing a room, choosing the paint colors is an important step. There are many modern paint color ideas to choose from if you decide to decorate your room in this style. When it comes to modern design, the color schemes chosen are very simple and usually consist of monochromatic hues. Modern wall paint color combinations often include beiges, whites, blacks, and dark browns are the most common. These colors are simple and elegant and can give any room a welcoming feel. The objective of modern home design is to create a sense of order and simplicity by using simple colors and clean lines with little ornamentation and decoration. By choosing only one or two colors for your room, you can produce a clean and uncluttered look that is very beautiful. The most common modern color combination is to pair a neutral with deep wood tones, blacks, or hard edged metal to create a fresh sharp look. This webpage outlines some tips on what the best modern paint color palette is to use in different rooms of your home.



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There are many different interior house color schemes to choose from when designing your dream home. You can choose between contemporary or modern designs when renovating. Modern colours are becoming a popular choice when remodeling rooms because of its simplicity and bold looks. The most popular modern colors in 2012 is to use neutrals like beige, white, or black and adding splashes of color such as oranges or reds that will pop. Another popular trend is using a white and black pallete, with the walls painted white and the furniture and other d├ęcor being black. The top paint color trends in 2014 are heading towards dark pastels and bright vibrant colors such as electric greens. Using these bright colors as accents will add pops to the room and give it a sense of personality. When it comes to different rooms of your home there are some different color schemes to choose from to create your modern design. Good modern kitchen designs allow for more space in the room in order to make preparing large meals simple without being limited to a small area.




Popular kitchen paint colors include neutral walls with stainless steels and blacks in the appliances and furniture that allow for a sleek and minimalist appearance. Modern kitchens tend to have pops of color throughout to brighten up the room and add a beautiful accent. Modern kitchen color schemes are simple and monochromatic, but you can add pops of color to the room in artwork or in colorful appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, or countertop appliances like a Kitchen Aid. Another room in which you might choose to use a modern design style is in the living room. When choosing the paint color for this room you need to keep the size of the space in mind. If your living room is on the smaller side you will want to steer clear of the darker shades on the walls because this can pull the walls in and make it seem tiny. Choosing lighter colors will open up the room and make it look much more spacious. Good modern paint colors for a living room design plan are white, beige, light pastels or grey. With a simple color on the wall you can add bright accent colors in furniture or drapes to liven up the space.



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The color of furniture you choose for your living room is also important. If you wish to have dark colors in the room you can put them in the furniture. Modern furniture colors usually entail black, dark wood tones, or hard edged metals. You can also incorporate different shades into your furniture such as colored upholstery. If you have a bright accent color you can use this in an arm chair by covering the piece in that color fabric to have it stand out in the room. For inspiration on how to design your space, you can search for photos of modern living room ideas on the internet. You can also incorporate modern style into your bedroom designs. Modern colors for bedrooms include the neutral shades discussed above; however you can also add more color to this particular space. Some popular modern bedroom paint color ideas include painting one wall a dark color with the other walls a neutral beige or white. Because you spend a lot of time in the bedroom you will want to choose colors that are relaxing to you. The most popular calming colors are blues and greens.



The wall behind a bed is a great choice to paint a dark shade, such as dark brown, dark purple or deep maroon. If you choose dark color schemes for bedrooms you will want to be careful that it does not make the space seem too small. A good tip to open up a dark room is to install bright white wainscoting and paint the ceiling white. This will help to tone the walls down a bit and open up the space. You can look at a modern bedroom design picture gallery to get inspiration on color schemes. While you are renovating your bedroom to a modern style you may wish to also redesign your bathroom to match. In a bathroom you can choose lighter colors with dark accents in the vanity cabinet. Some modern bathroom paint colors can be light blues and greens with dark wood cabinets. This will create the feel of a spa and can a very beautiful color combination. You can also give the outside of you house a makeover by changing up the design. Choosing mid century modern exterior paint colors such as greys, whites, or deep reds can help to create your dream home.



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