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Remodeling kitchen design ideas are becoming a popular trend for DIY homeowners. A beautiful kitchen not only increases the resale value of your home but it also offers you a nice place to cook your meals every day. A nice sleek kitchen with spacious countertops and excellent appliances is every cooking enthusiast’s dream. But when remodeling a kitchen, the cabinet space and cooking utensils are not the only essential features. One of the most important aspects of kitchen design is the flooring. Kitchen flooring can be made from tiles with elaborate patterns and colors or it can be simple hardwood flooring. The type of flooring in kitchens is important because they have to durable and able to withstand moisture. A lot of activity is involved in cooking and the floors need to be able to endure scratches and spills. This article discuses the best floor options for any homeowner to incorporate into their new kitchen.


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If you are looking for cheap kitchen flooring options then you should be considering laminate, vinyl or linoleum for your materials. Laminate flooring ideas in the kitchen is an alternative option to wood tile flooring because it is synthetically made and sealed with a protective layer to prevent scratches and damage. It can be made to look like different kinds of wood or tile with any color or pattern that you desire. Laminate is touch and durable and is very good for kitchens because it is moisture resistant. Kitchen vinyl flooring is a little be more expensive than laminate, however easier to maintain. Vinyl flooring is durable however, laminate is more scratch resistant. Like laminate, vinyl comes in a variety of different designs and can be made to resemble materials such as wood, granite, and brick. Another popular floor materials used in the kitchen is linoleum flooring. Linoleum flooring material is perfect for diy home remodeling and made from natural substances such as saw dust and linseed oil and is shaped into thin tiles. Linoleum is waterproof so it is great to use in the kitchen and it comes in a variety of different solid and textured colors and patterns.


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Kitchen floor tiles are made from many different materials to match nearly any kitchen design layout. Popular materials include slate, stainless steel, granite, travertine, ceramic and porcelain. The best kitchen flooring tiles should be both durable and have a textured or non-slip surface to avoid dangerous situations after a spill while making cleanup easy. An alternative to tiling a kitchen is remodeling the floor with quality standard woods like hardwood kitchen flooring. Engineered hardwood is made of solid wood layered on top of plywood. About five layers of regular hardwood are sanded and shaped before being placed on top of the plywood and then laminated. The dense layers of this material allow engineered hardwood to be able to withstand damp areas so it is great for places like the kitchen. In addition, engineered hardwood is less expensive than natural hardwood, adding to the benefits of this material. The other popular material for kitchen flooring is tile. Tiles for small kitchens floor are great because they are not only durable and moisture proof, but there is also a wide variety of types, styles, colors and patterns to choose from.


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Learning how to tile a kitchen floor is easy but depends on the type of material you choose to use and the patterns you would like to incorporate into your design. Some surfaces are more slippery than others, but kitchen floor cover mats can always be put down to prevent slips in spill prone areas. Ceramic and porcelain are very popular tiles for flooring ideas because they are hard and come in a variety of different colors. The only downside to these materials is that they can break if a dish or pot is dropped on it. Slate is another popular material used modern kitchen designs because it is naturally textured to prevent slips and is durable against stains and damage. Decide on your style and layout of what you would like your kitchen floor to look like before beginning the project and talk to a representative at your local home improvement store to get tips for how to properly tile the floor on your own. Granite is also an excellent flooring material because, just like countertops, it is durable and scratch and stain resistant. However, the newly remodeled floors and beautiful granite countertops must be swept daily to prevent any sharp tiny particles from being brought in on shoes and it is more expensive than other tile options.

The most popular flooring materials for contemporary kitchens are wood and tile. The type of flooring you choose is dependent on your personal style preferences, however both materials are durable and great for use in the kitchen. The benefits of wood are that it is extremely versatile and can match almost any style of design. Wood can provide the rooman elegant look that blends into the kitchen cabinets and can be combine with traditional, modern, and even Victorian designs to make the room beautiful. While wood is great for kitchen floor ideas because its versatility and many color options, there are a few drawbacks to using this material in the kitchen. The most important problem with using hardwood flooring in the kitchen is that wood is easily damaged by water. Because the kitchen is a moisture filled environment, you have to be careful with choosing best wood for flooring. It is important to have your wood stained and sealed properly to prevent staining and help with moisture problems, however, natural wood is still permeable to water so you must be careful about spill.

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