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Choosing the right kitchen countertop design ideas for your home is a very important decision because it adds to the overall look of the room. Your countertop will cover a large surface area of the kitchen so it is important to pick the right style for not only the look, but also functionality. Your kitchen countertop will be used for cutting, cooking, and baking so it is important that it is durable, easy to maintain, and easy to clean. One of the best types of countertop for your kitchen, as well as other areas of your home, is granite. Granite for countertops is durable and can be matched with almost any color kitchen cabinet to provide the perfect look for your home. Granite is a natural, hard stone that is often used in the home for bathroom and kitchen countertop materials. This article focuses on granite kitchen countertops to help the DIY home designer pick the right counter for their home.



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There is a large variety of granite countertop kitchen colors to match any home. You can purchase granite colors that are black, white, gray, blue, green, and yellow depending on your choice of style. All of the stones are carved to fit your surface and polished to give it a glossy look. Granite is excellent for countertop kitchen pictures and ideas because they are extremely durable. Granite is scratch and heat resistant so you can cut foods and place hot pans or dishes on the counters without having to worry about damage. In addition, sealer can be added to the granite tile countertops to prevent staining for over a decade. Granite is the best material to use for a kitchen countertop because of all the benefits, however the one downside is its cost. The cost of granite countertops is very high. Because of its durability and all of the other advantages that come with this material, granite countertop prices can be pretty expensive. The cost for the granite alone can range between 50-100 dollars per square foot.




You also have to factor in other installation features such as holes for sinks or stoves, sealer, and edge treatments. Because it is so pricey, you need to know exactly what your plans are for your design before beginning the project. Do some research online to find stores that offer cheap granite countertops. The best place to find inexpensive granite is from a wholesale company. You can compare prices of stores and also determine if you will need help with installation. Many companies offer low installation prices and it a good idea to consider having your countertop professionally installed. A kitchen granite counter will look best if it is installed properly. In addition kitchen counters granite needs to be sealed to ensure its durability and functionality and a professional installation will guarantee quality. When picking out your color of granite, it is important to match it to your cabinets.



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Kitchen cabinets and granite countertops take up the majority of the space in the room so they should offset each other nicely. The color scheme of your kitchen is up to you, but the best color granite to match any kitchen is brown or beige. These colors blend will with any color cabinet and will add a beautiful touch to any kitchen. However, if you prefer a different style, take trip to your local home improvement store to see what colors they have to offer. There you can look at granite tile samples and how well they match different styles of cabinetry. Some stores will often give you samples of granite tiles to take home and compare with your kitchen cabinets to see which one matches your room best. In addition, you can purchase or download cabinet design software to help make the right decision for your kitchen.



In these programs you can digitally create your kitchen and mix and match different colors of cabinetry and granite to see which matches best. You can then use this program to virtually tour your kitchen or see pictures of what it would look like as the finished product. Granite is also a wonderful choice to use in your diy bathroom design plans. Granite bathroom countertops are very water resistant because they are not porous, ensuring that your surface is not damaged during daily activities. Because of its durability you can place anything on the counter without worrying about it being scratched. In addition, granite is really easy to clean so it makes maintenance of your bathroom trouble free. Choosing granite for your home is worth the additional expenses because it is long lasting and durable, and in the end it increases the resale value and the beauty of your entire house.



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