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Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home. It is required for countless tasks including preparing meals, entertaining guests, and relaxing after a long day at work. For this reason, it is imperative that your kitchen is as functional as it is beautiful. The key factor in determining this room’s efficiency is kitchen cabinetry. Not only are kitchen cabinets an important element in determining the usability of the space by providing storage and prep space, but they play the largest role in establishing a décor style as well. There are an endless number of design options available, perfect to suit any decorative motif. As you embark on your next interior makeover, use our DIY renovation guide filled with the 2016 kitchen cabinet design ideas and pictures to help you discover the amazing potential of your space. Read ahead to discover how to make cupboards the new focal point of your interior design.


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All designer dream kitchens are built around fabulous kitchen cabinetry ideas. These essential elements serve many purposes including providing valuable storage and prep space, determining the space’s layout, or to provide additional seating when converted to an island. Even better, a do it yourself makeover as simple as changing kitchen cabinet colors can single-handedly update your space, and bring with it fresh new style. Whether you are re-staining existing models or building from the ground up, your cupboard designs should reflect the home’s personality while also focusing on functionality. The best cabinets infuse your kitchen with outstanding style, while providing maximum storage. There is an endless variety of styles, sizes and finishes to choose from, so browse our kitchen photo gallery to discover the amazing potential for your space. Get inspired to decorate with beautiful cupboards for your home.


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The overwhelming number of styles and do it yourself designs for sale may seem daunting to DIY remodelers embarking on their first kitchen makeover. Do not worry, we will provide you with an extensive collection of the latest kitchen designs 2016 to help you create your dream space. The first thing to consider when selecting new cabinet design plans is layout. How does your kitchen flow? Where are the problem areas? This room is a high traffic space, so it is imperative to encourage a safe and intuitive floor plan to maximize efficiency and usability. This is especially important in a new makevover and home improvement remodel for your small kitchen layout. Your new design should be determined based on your individual needs and preferences. Consider how much storage space is required and the unique types of shelving and accessories you wish to have for stowing particular food, appliances and utensils. These are the components that create those dream kitchens.


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Once you have determined the required functional aspects of your cupboard designs, the next step in planning your diy kitchens is determining style and motif. Great cabinets are available in all of the top décor styles and most popular kitchen colors. The key to selecting which models will be best in your space is to identify which will best embody your home’s interior style and personality, then determining your price point. Certain designs lend to a particular look. For example, pine wood cabinets are a great choice for a rustic motif, while dark colors better suit both contemporary and modern kitchen designs. Browse our cabinet pictures featuring the top kitchen designs 2016 to determine exactly how a particular color, finish or model will translate to an overall décor style. You can even learn how to refinish kitchen cabinets yourself to create a custom design suited to your specific décor preferences.

The top rated designs for 2016 feature custom cabinets, specially designed to meet your personal needs. These could be anything from a beautiful minibar with sink to a designated coffee nook featuring built in appliances and mug holders. Your best tool for creating these unique designs without straining the budget is innovative 3D cabinet design software. These outstanding programs allow tech savvy DIY remodelers to experiment with layout, shelving and custom features instantly prior to committing to a particular design. Not only does this allow you to maximize your kitchen’s functionality, but not requiring professionals will also save you valuable money. This fantastic software even allows you to play with floor plan layouts, countertop materials and custom backsplash tile ideas. In no time, you will create an outstanding detailed blueprint that can rival that of any costly kitchen cabinets pro.

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