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Outstanding cabinetry is an essential component of any kitchen. Not only do they play a pivotal role in determining the functionality of room by providing valuable storage and prep areas, but they are also the single largest factor in establishing the overall décor style. There are an endless number of cabinet colors and designs available perfect to suit any interior décor. The challenge becomes determining the right look for your kitchen. Some prefer the clean and simple style that beautiful white cupboards bring to a space, while others love the edgy modern feel that rich espresso achieves. A simple alteration in paint or stain can take an entire kitchen from traditional to contemporary in just a matter of hours. If you are searching for great design ideas to bring color into your space, look no further. Here you will find our collection of the best kitchen cabinet colors for 2016 and how to translate them into your own home.


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Any designer kitchen is built around beautiful cabinetry. Whether you select quality kraftmaid models or standard varieties from lowes, the styles, finishes and colors you select will set the foundation of your kitchen design plans. The best kitchen cabinet ideas bring classic style to the room, while providing maximum customized storage. Color for cabinets is the same as fabric is for sofas – it identifies a particular décor trend as well as adds depth and personality to the overall design. For 2016 the most popular cabinet color ideas are muted and understated, allowing other decorative elements such as textiles and fixtures shine. Trendy painted cabinets are found in a variety of unexpected neutral shades, such as rich grey, dusty blues and organic greens. To bring this hot new look into your own home select light shades for the walls then use medium tone neutrals for cabinetry.


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There's an endless variety of kitchen cabinet paint colors, perfect to embody any chosen style. Even the most seasoned DIY remodeling experts can become overwhelmed at the number of choices. Begin the selection process by browsing pictures of kitchens with painted cabinets to get inspired and discover the amazing potential of your space. Note how a particular color, stain or wood type coordinates with various flooring, countertops and appliance styles so that you can better evaluate if it will work well within your own home. Always stay within the same family, whether that is cool or warm. Rich golden wood flooring should be paired with cabinets in a warm tone, while crisp white ceramic tile would be better coordinated with cooler hues. Most versions of the latest 3D cabinet design software offer helpful color match options that allow you to visualize how a particular shade will blend with your proposed kitchen design plan.


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Spice up your kitchen with unforgettable cabinet color redos. Experimenting with unexpected shades is a great way to achieve dream kitchen designs 2016 in your own home. Why not take this trend a step further by bringing unexpected color for cabinets into outdated interiors. Painting kitchen cupboards is an inexpensive diy project that can have a dramatic effect on the overall look of your room. Check out our kitchen photo gallery to discover the fabulous ways that color can be utilized in a non-traditional fashion. One of our favorite 2016 color trends is painting cabinets in great muted neutrals such as a dusty blue or rich grey green. These popular shades evoke a combination of traditional and contemporary, creating a unique and stylish look. 

One of the most budget-friendly and simple kitchen ideas is repainting or refinishing existing cabinetry. Painting your kitchen cabinets transforms the entire space -- replacing outdated décor with fresh new style. When embarking on this DIY remodel there are a few key tips to remember. First thoroughly clean and sand all surfaces. Stain for cabinets should be selected according to your desired opacity and application techniques. If you wish to achieve a rich dark color, gel stain is your best option, while a lighter finish may benefit more from a diluted liquid variety. Likewise, if you plan to refinish cabinets, gel stain colors will be easier to use and result in a more even coat without the mess of a liquid base. Kitchen paint colors are very similar. Painting kitchen cabinets white or black is a great way to revamp outdated woods. Once existing models have been prepped, begin by priming in order to ensure an even opaque coat. The best paint for this job is rustoleum cabinet transformations.

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