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If you are looking for the top 2015 screened in porch designs ideas and pictures, then you have come to the right place. At DIY Home Design Ideas we recognize that outdoor living is a big part of homes today. Porches, in particular, are great additions to any home because they expand your living area to the outdoors. These spaces can then be adorned with porch decor and outdoor furniture to enhance the look and functionality of the area, creating a relaxing oasis for you and your family. One of the most popular 2015 outdoor design trends is to create a screened porch enclosure that seals off the space and provides a clean area free of bugs and other unwanted pests. An outdoor screen enclosure is perfect for spending time outdoors during the summer months and is great for families with children because they provide a safe area for kids to play. The first thing that you have to consider when determining how to screen in a patio, deck or porch, is the style and design you would like for the area.


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Before planning a screened in porch, consider what type of room you would like to create. Outdoor rooms come in all shapes and sizes. Smaller porches tend to take on simpler design schemes while larger spaces can create elaborate sunroom additions. Once you have determined your design scheme, it is time to create a floor plan. For those of you with an existing outdoor structure, how to building screened in deck plans is simple. The best place to begin is with the roof. Constructing a sturdy roof is important because it must be able to withstand gust of wind and other aspects of inclement weather. Deck design plans with roofs tend to tie the structure into the existing rafters of the home to create a strong, durable edifice. In addition, this style roof will create outdoor porch ceilings with rafters that will provide a beautiful design for your area. After you have constructed your roof, the next step is to build a screened in deck.


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A patio screen is most commonly used for a front porch design, while other materials such as glass and curtains work just as well. Fiberglass screens are the most popular material to use for closed in porch remodeling because it is strong, dent resistant, and does not unravel easily. When picking a back or front porch screen material, consider using fabrics with thick threads. These types of fabrics are the best to use in outdoor living areas because they are the most durable types of screens and are designed specifically for outside use. Another option to consider is plexiglass panels. Plexiglas is the top rated material amongst do it yourself to use on porch and patio screens in colder environments because they allow the warmth of the sun to pass through, but not the cold weather. Covered patio and porch design utilizing Plexiglas is the best way to create a 3 season room that can be used year round without. Outdoor curtains are another popular option for your porch. These can be used in conjunction with patio screens or glass to block the sunlight or they can be installed on their own to add a beautiful touch to your space.

After choosing the screening material for your patio design ideas, it is important to consider how you would like the screens to be installed and whether you would like a permanent or retractable design. The quickest and easiest installation process is to use staples to attach the screen fabric. Inexpensive screened in porch kits can be purchased that provide you with the necessary materials and tools to use to staple your screens. Less permanent options include a retractable patio screen or removable panels. Retractable screens can be installed on the roof and be pulled down or back depending on the weather. Removable screen porch panels are frames that can be mounted in place and taken out easily. Both retractable awnings and screens can use a frameless design in which the screens are attached to the roof and the porch railing with no poles in between. However, removable panels are best used in front or back porch designs for houses that have frames to attach the material to.

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Wood, plastic, or aluminum screen porch framing can be used as an anchor for the panels. The cost of adding a screened in patio will depend on the material you use and the installation process you choose. Screened in gazebo designs that use permanent panels will be less expensive than retractable plans because they are less labor intensive and only require stapling the fabric to the structure. Removable panels and retractable systems, on the other hand, will cost about twice as much as the stationary screening. Make sure to research your options before choosing a certain type of patio screening for your home. One of the best ways to get an accurate price range for this type of project is to take a trip to your local home improvement store and ask a representative to show you the available options for porch screening. Keep in mind that diy deck screen installation will also save you a lot of money on this project.

Take a look at our gallery of cool patio ideas with backyard photos to help provide you with inspiration for your design project. One of the most important things to keep in mind when decorating your screened-in porch is simplicity. Make sure to keep the design simple when adding decorations to your porch, especially in smaller spaces. Consider altering the porch flooring as an easy way to change the look of the area. Popular outdoor flooring options such as deck tile are a quick and inexpensive way to enhance your screened in porch. Another great addition to a small porch is a dining table set because it provides with you ample seating while taking up little space. In addition, a dining set allows you to serve meals outdoors, increasing the functionality of the area. Other popular decorative trends of 2015 for outdoor living include incorporating different types accessories such as an outdoor fireplace, patio furniture, couches and lighting into your screened in patio, porch and deck design scheme.

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