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There is a variety of different deck railing ideas to choose from so it is important to know your options. This article discusses various deck fencing ideas for the DIY homeowner incorporate into their deck. One of the most important features of any deck is the railing systems. Railings or deck fences are important for not only the design and makeup of the area, but they are also key safety features that are necessary for any raised structure. Recently, homeowners have been extending the rooms of their home into the outdoors, creating outdoor kitchens and living rooms. Because decks are being used for a variety of different purposes they are no longer just a place to grill, and it is important to incorporate safety into your design. The addition of fences will increase the safety of your deck while adding a decorative element as well. The type of deck fence you choose will depend on the design and cost of a deck, along with the material it is made of.



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If you have a deck design plan that is raised above the ground, whether it be a few feet or over 10 feet, it is important to pick a sturdy fence. Raised decks pose a safety threat to anyone on the structure because it is high above the ground. If your deck and fence is not built with safety in mind, falls are likely. Different materials make your deck safer; a wood, steel or aluminum railing can add extra safety to your deck. If you have children that use this outdoor space often, it is important that your fence and deck are strong and child proof. Deck fencing ideas are dependent on the function of your deck and the style of your home. If children and pets are on the deck often it is important to make sure that your fence is tall and do not have large gaps. Fencing ideas that are child and pet friendly include lattice woodwork and wood fence panels. Lattice is a type of wood panel that has a crisscross design that creates small openings in the board. 




Because of this, lattice is the best child and pet friendly material to use on a deck because it allows light and air through, but prevents children and animals from climbing through the spaces. Lattice is also great for garden fence panels because of the small holes in the board. Different from other fences, lattice will prevent most animals from easily climbing into and destroying your garden. Many types of wood for decks bring together the most common material used in construction today for both flooring and fencing. Wood fence panels are similar to lattice work in that they have only small open areas. The difference between these materials is that the panel fencing has intricate designs throughout the board, rather than the crisscross shape of lattice. Other types of wood fencing for decks include wood posts, railings, and balusters.There are many different types of wood to use for building your deck including natural woods and composite woods. Timber decking is made from natural wood including redwood, oak, IPE, and pine. The durability and lifespan of your deck will be determined by the type of wood you choose.



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There are many different deck fencing styles for the support posts and railing balusters. You can get simple square shapes, dowel-shapes, and ones that are shaped by a lathe. The rails can be simple shapes as well, or they can be carved into more elaborate, decorative shapes. The shape and design of your fence depends on your fencing materials. Besides wood, fences can be made from other materials such as steel, aluminum, vinyl, and plastic fencing. Metal is a popular material to use for deck fencing because it is sturdy and durable and is often used for pool fencing. Popular types of metal that can be used for deck fences include steel and aluminum. Steel fence posts are popular for brick or stone patios. Steel is strong and hard-wearing and can match almost any home exterior décor. Steel is often used for a pool deck fence because of its strength and it can prevent unwanted visitors such as pets or animals. Steel adds a modern style to your deck and can be used to create sleek, contemporary looks.



Aluminum deck railings are also an excellent type of metal for fencing because like steel, this material is sturdy, durable, and moisture resistant. Aluminum is not usually shaped into elaborate designs but it can be painted any color you would like to match your home. This material is great for creating a simple design for any deck. Aluminum balusters can be combined with brick or concrete patios as well as in combination with wood decks. Another type of material that is commonly used in deck fencing is vinyl PVC fencing. Vinyl fence panels are made of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. This is a very durable material that is  moisture resistant, making it an great for outdoor fencing. Not only is it strong and long lasting, but vinyl is a great option for cheap fencing. Vinyl fence cost is less expensive that wood, steel or aluminum making it a great option for the homeowner on a budget. Also, unlike other materials, a vinyl railing does not have to be stained or painted.



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Composite decking is made from a combination of plastic and wood fibers to make the material more weather resistant. Composite materials are often used because they are easier to maintain than wood and these decks tend to last longer. Composite deck fencing can be used on natural wood or composite decks. This type of fencing comes in a variety of different colors and styles and can be used to match any home or deck. The three main components of design plan for deck fencing or porch railings are the support posts, balusters, and rails. Support posts are an important feature of the deck because they are the sturdiest component of the fence. Support posts are spaced out evenly throughout the perimeter of the deck with the balusters placed in between. Balusters are smaller pieces similar to the support posts, however they do not provide as much support. Balusters are placed in between each support post and are connected by the rails. The rails are the horizontal components of the fence that connect the balusters and support posts.


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