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There are numerous easy DIY pergola designs, ideas and pictures to choose from when planning an outdoor structure in your backyard. A pergola, sometimes referred to as an arbor, is a structure that is often built in or near a garden to enhance the appeal of an outdoor living area. This backyard structures is similar to a gazebo in that it can provide ample shade or become a beautiful extension to a home. A pergala usually consists of vertical pillars that act as the support for horizontal cross beams that create an open lattice. On top of this lattice are often woody vines or other plants like flowers to create a canopy to shade the area below. Pergolas can be constructed of many different types of materials including wood, metal and vinyl. Designing pergolas or arbors can be done by professionals or made into an easy DIY home project. This type of structure is a great addition to any exterior design and can add beautyl to your home.


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The best 2016 deck design trends for DIY plans are building these structures out of wood. This is the best material to use for an outdoor pergola attached to a house or free standing because wood is inexpensive. In addition to being cheap, wood pergolas are environmentally friendly due to the organic material. They also add a beautiful decorative touch with a vintage look to your exterior design. Timber wood is one of the best types to use when building a structure like this because it comes in many different sizes and is pretty cheap. Timber lumber is also considered to be one of the best wood for decks because of its versatility. This material is also very durable and can be stained or painted to match any home design.  When you choose materials with inexpensive pegola prices you will be able to create an outdoor sanctuary while also keeping within your budget. When choosing between the best pergola & patio cover ideas you will want to be sure to decide on a plan that will best fit into your existing outdoor design.


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When it comes to designing a deck with pergola you can either have a professional install it or build it yourself. If you keep the design simple, this can be an easy DIY project to take on yourself. You can find straightforward building plans for a pergola online to get started today. If you are not an expert in woodwork there are many resources that can help you with this project. There are numerous online tutorials that can give you step by step instructions on how to build a pergola. Additionally, instead of building this unit from scratch there are cheap pergola kits available for purchase. These kits can be found at your local home improvement store and come with everything you need for at home DIY assembly. If you want to keep your unit simple and within your budget, some tips for building a deck or pergola includes maintaining a flat structure. You can build a pergola trellis with arched beams, however this can make the construction process much more complicated as well as increase the amount of money spent.

While a rounded arbor can be a unique and beautiful addition to your outdoor garden décor, the easiest shapes to build are rectangles or square. To get ideas for your design you can search through our free photos of pergolas for inspiration. Some great outdoor arbor ideas include keeping the sides of the structure open and growing plants on top of the terrace for shade. While you do not have to include plants or vines in your design plan, they can act as great shade covers from the hot sun during the summer months. A free standing structure with flowers overhead can be a great addition to any garden. Looking through gazebo designs online will show how different vines and flowers can be used to decorate the unit. If you are building this type of structure as an extension of your deck or walkway design ideas from your home to your pool house or garage, flowers can add unique color and beauty to your design.

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If you do not want to use wood to build your unit, you can also purchase aluminum, steel and wrought iron kits. Metal pergola design plans offer weather proof structures that require very little maintenance and upkeep. This material can be just as beautiful and decorative in your garden as a wooden structure, but with fewer repairs. Browse our pergola deck picture gallery at structures made of different materials to determine which would look best in your exterior design. If you are looking for a DIY simple pergola construction project, wood is the better choice. Structures made of metal are harder to build without professional help. If you wish to have your pergola gazebo built by a professional with an outdoor fireplace, you can search online for the best installation price to fit your budget. Whether you have a lot of money to spend or a limited amount, you can find a company or DIY kit that will fit within your budget so you can create your dream home exterior.

When designing your garden with a structure, it is important to keep in mind what your diy home improvement needs are. If you wish to have a shaded area in your yard as a retreat from the sun, you will want to be sure to incorporate plants into your plan. Planting flowers or vines on the top of a pergola for shade is much better than a retractable awning because it will add to the décor of your yard. Other beautiful onle garden decoration ideas include hanging plants from the structure or building a water structure underneath. A great addition to any outdoor arbor is to place ample seating under the unit. This can be in the form of lounge chairs, outdoor couches, or armchairs. You can even build an outdoor living area with a swing to sit and relax outside enjoying the scenery. Structures that have swing seating attached can be a fun area for family member to gather and spend quality time outdoors together. There are many different options to add to your space to help create a home of your dreams.

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