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Cabinet Refacing

When designing your perfect kitchen and refacing the cabinets, you want to be sure that it has a warm and comforting feel that will welcome everyone into the room. The most important part of the design is the kitchen cabinet ideas. Because the cabinets take up so much space in the room, they are the centerpiece of the kitchen and usually determine the style of the rest of your room, including the counter tops, appliances, and hardware. Cabinets are refaced by replacing them with new doors of a different cabinet colors or stain and placing a veneer or laminate covering on the cabinet boxes to match the new doors.When choosing the right kitchen cabinets there are many factors that can help you decide what is right for you. However, installing a completely new set of cabinetry can become pretty costly. One way to limit the cost of renovating your kitchen is cabinet refacing.


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Another similar option is cabinet refinishing, where your existing cabinet boxes and doors are painted or stained a different color to give your kitchen an entirely new look. This article discusses some helpful tips on how to reface beautiful kitchen cabinet designs. The first thing people often worry about when redesigning a kitchen is the costs. You may be wondering how much is cabinet refacing and how will the prices compare to installing new cabinetry. Well, when completely renovating a kitchen, it can become very expensive to have existing cabinets ripped out and new ones put in. however, if you choose to do cabinet door refacing instead, the costs will be much less. Cabinet refacing cost can be almost half that of installation of new ones saving money that can be put into simple kitchen design ideas. When refacing, you only need to choose the best kitchen cabinet color ideas and pay for the costs of new doors, instead of an entire new set. Another benefit of refacing your cabinets is that it can be done in less than a week. Complete kitchen remodeling can last up to six weeks of unable to use your kitchen at all during the process.


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Refacing cabinets can be as few as three days and you are able to use your kitchen throughout the entire process. Not only teaching how to design kitchen cabinets in addition to saving you money, but it will also save you time. After you have determined a budget for your refacing project, the next thing you will want to decide upon is a design plan.You may wish to have your new ones be a dark wood stain; or if they are already a dark wood stain, you may wish to have a lighter stain or make them white. You can also choose the hardware that is placed on the doors and drawer fronts including brass, nickel, or silver door knobs. Browse our free online gallery with top 2016 kitchen photo gallery. This colorful gallery will give you inspiration for your perfect design idea. This can help you to determine what the popular features of kitchens are now and assist in developing your plan. When designing your room, it may help to draw it out on paper so you can have an idea of what you want.


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Kitchen cabinet design software can also be a helpful tool when deciding upon a design. This software gives you the ability to design your kitchen with exact dimensions and then see a 3D overview of the plan. Some software programs even allow you to choose different cabinetry colors and hardwares to get the full look of your newly designed kitchen. When refacing your cabinets you can either have professionals come in and install your new doors and drawer fronts or you can choose to do it yourself. There are many do it yourself cabinet refacing videos and tutorials online that can give you step by step instructions on the process and offer the most popular 2016 kitchen design ideas. DIY cabinet refacing can be an easy project for the average home owner and does not take a lot of time. Let us help you with the new design process and find the top 2016 cabinet colors before starting.

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