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When planning your exterior décor you should be sure to keep in mind easy landscaping designs and photos that can help simplify your task. The outside design of your home is just as important as the interior décor. If planned properly, the front of house landscape can really increase the curb appeal of your property. In 2016, the best landscape design ideas include adorning your yard with trees and plants that require little maintenance. Incorporating plants that do not require watering or trimming every day will make it easier for you to maintain. Plants and shrubs that do not need frequent maintenance and cheap to buy while becoming a great addition to both your front and backyard landscape designs.


Landscape Design

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With so many cheap landscaping ideas incorporating different types of trees, shrubs, bushes and plants to choose from, our landscaping photo gallery can be great resources to help you make a decision. Whether you have a lot of money to spend or very little, there are many landscaping ideas on a budget to help you design your dream home. When planning your design and getting ready to build an outdoor structure, our online photo gallery of landscaping ideas for the front yard can be a great source of information. Searching through photo galleries will give you an idea of trends others are doing in their yards and what you can plant in yours. While you are brainstorming about your yard, it is a good idea to consider simple landscape designs. If you are not an outdoor fanatic, you may find it difficult to develop a plan for your yard.


Simple Landscaping Ideas

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Our many beautiful pictures of backyard landscaping ideas are online to inspire you to begin designing the perfect yard layout. Looking at these photos can help you decide upon the types of trees, shrubs, or flowers you wish to plant in your front or backyard. Planting landscaping trees outside your home can add shade as well as beauty to any space. You can even browse our online design galleries to find simple landscaping designs 2016 before and after to see the types of transformations that can take place by the addition of all types of plants. In order to retain the easy upkeep of your garden, you will want to choose low maintenance landscaping plants. These types of plants can grow and prosper with little water and do not require trimming and other care. Some easy large or small yard ideas include planting bushes such as the plumbago ariculata or leocophyllum frutescens. These bushes are water conserving plants that do not require irrigation or frequent watering.


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