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If you are employed from home or looking to spruce up your corporate office you may be asking yourself “What is a good color to paint an office?” Well, when it comes to good office paint colors, there are many hues and combinations to choose from. However which color you choose will depend largely on your home office designs and the type of environment you like to work in. If you enjoy being energized during the work day and want to create a color palette that will increase your productivity, you will want to choose brighter, vibrant hues. On the other hand if you would like to stimulate a more relaxing and soothing environment where you can get your work done free of stress, you may want to choose a less intense and softer colour. Then again, you may not know what shades will work best with your style and design. There is no need to worry visiting your local home improvement store is an easy way to get help choosing interior paint colors for a business office, as well as the rest of your home. 



Office Design Ideas


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After all, paint is a semi-permanent part of your design so whether you choose an energetic or relaxing paint color, it is important to pick hues that match your decor and you will enjoy for years to come. When it comes to picking paint colors for rooms there are few things you need to keep in mind including size, design, and cost. First, you want to consider the size of the space you are painting. If you have a small space such as a home office you will want to stay away from dark and intense hues, as they can actually make the room feel smaller. Dark colors such as deep purple or brown do not reflect light and cause the walls to appear as if they are coming in while intense colors such as a bright orange or vivid red can be overwhelming in a small space. On the hand, pale and softer shades reflect light and can open up the room; such hues include light blues, greens, and pinks, as well as white, ivory and beige. These suggestions should also be followed when decorating an office cubicle.




While you may not be able to paint a cubicle, you can still hang pictures or place other decorative items on your desk space so you want to make sure you do not choose items that can make the area seem darker and smaller. Choose simple things such as pictures, or small flowers, after all this is your work space so you want to stay professional. When decorating for the holidays, however you can be a little more creative. Some cheap cubicle décor ideas could include small metallic garland or a decorative stocking for Christmas, or red heart decals for Valentines day. The next thing to consider is the design style you are looking to decorate your office with. Different styles incorporate certain hues, so when asking yourself the question “What color should I paint my home office?” you will also want to ask yourself “What kind of design am I looking for?” Some of the most popular business office interior design ideas in 2016 include a modern or contemporary theme filled with clean lines and geometric shapes, as well as eclectic and traditional contain more intricate patterns and shapes.



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If you are looking for modern paint color schemes for a home office, your choices are a little more limited than with the eclectic design, however stylish hues included gray, black, red, blue and brown. While these shades were popular modern home office colors in 2012, previous trends also included oranges and green. Gray and black tend to be great modern office wall color combinations because they create a chic and stylish design while also inducing a calming effect. Trendy colors for a contemporary design include neutrals such as brown, beige, and white, as well as shades of blues and greens. Brighter hues such as pink, yellow, and gold are also popular, however work better as accents. It may be the case that you are a trend follower and want to keep your home looking as up to date as possible. In this case you may not be looking to follow a certain interior décor style but rather the latest craze in colors and designs. The most popular home paint colors in 2016 included warm gold, browns, reds, and oranges, as well as inviting blues and greens. This year, the top office colors for 2016 will still include the warmer yellows and browns, however soft and relaxing blues and greens inspired by nature will be added to the scheme.



Other 2016 wall paint color trends will consist of whites, ivories, and beiges to invoke a natural and refreshing feeling. As the color trends turn more towards the nature-inspired scheme, more and more homeowners are choosing to adorn their walls with blues. Blue hues can be some of best office colors for interior walls because they are very natural and feng shui, however it can be tricky deciding on the right shade to use in your office design. When it comes to good shades of blue paint for your office, paler and lighter hues tend to be best. Light blues summon a feeling of relaxation to help you be more productive during the day, while also invoking a sense of creativity. Darker and more dazzling blues can also stimulate energy and imagination, however these shades can sometimes be overpowering on the walls. Other feng shui colors & ideas for an office include incorporating shades of green which symbolize growth and energy found in woods and plants, as well as lavender which is associated with the calming qualities of water and can help lessen the stress in your work environment. Visit a professional painting store for more help selecting paint colors for your home office that will increase its feng shui.


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