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Whether you're a gardening beginner or expert, a simple home garden can add a warm, pleasant feel to your backyard design ideas. Any homeowner can create a beautiful home garden with a few easy DIY steps. The first thing that you should consider when creating your own garden is the location of both your home and the garden you will construct. First things first, download our online free garden design software program and enjoy creating the perfect backyard with 3D online design tools. For those homeowners with large spacious yards, your garden should be grown in an area with ample sunlight with a little shade, fertile soil, and easy access to water. Once the location is picked out you can then decide the desired size of your garden based on the space available. When determine the size of your garden you should consider the purpose of your home garden and the types of plants you want to grow.



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In order to achieve the perfect backyard look for your garden you must make sure it to blend and match the overall landscape design of your yard. When considering which plants to buy you should think about not only what plants you like, but which ones go with your home, and the amount of work you are willing to put in to maintain this garden. Choose the color scheme based on the colors of your house and try to chose colors that match and go well together. For those homeowners who want a simple flower garden or an exotic japanese water garden, choose plants based on the colors that best fit your style. If your green thumb is lacking, you can pick flowers that are easy to grow and require little maintenance such as Daisies, California Poppies, Alyssum, and Zinnias.




If you are an expert gardener and are looking for a more elaborate landscape rock garden scene you can add stylized topiaries and more intricate plants, but keep in mind the amount of maintenance you will have to perform in order to keep your garden in tip top shape. Make sure to research the type of plants that grow best in your location and can withstand the climate of your outdoors. For those looking to learn how to grow a vegetable garden, a little more work will need to be put in. Not only will you have to choose which vegetables you wish to grow based on individual preference, but you will have to determine vegetable that grow well in your location and the seasons in which these vegetables thrive during. For both vegetable and flower gardens you should consider fencing off the perimeter of your garden to keep animals and pests out.



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Small garden fences can be purchased to encircle your garden as decoration, however, in order to prevent large animals from eating and destroying your plants you will need to buy larger, sturdier fencing. Garden fencing comes in a variety of styles randing from path support, bamboo fencing, wire and mesh fencing, and reed fences. The type of fence you choose depends on your individual taste, whether you're designing a front yard or backyard, and the type of animal you are trying to keep out. There are special fences that you can purchase depending on your location and the type of animal you are trying keep out, ranging from deer to cats and dogs. Many gardening supply stores can help you decide what fence is right for you.



If you live in an apartment or small town house with little room for a small backyard garden, you can build your own potted garden on your porch. Choose plants that grow best in small landscaping areas and pots. After choosing the plants, you can purchase a variety of styles of pots or planters that can be displayed to enhance the front porch design, including flower pots, railing planters, and hanging planters. It is best to put the pots and planters in areas that receive sufficient sunlight and make sure you water, maintain and trim them on a routine basis. The right type of garden accessories and plant type can set the tone for a pleasant outdoor atmosphere and beautiful sanctuary right in your backyard. With these simple garden ideas, designing your home backyard can be a fun, relaxing, and enjoyable experience that will provide you with a peaceful green refuge to retreat after a long days work.



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