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Wood Siding


Your home’s exterior is the first thing that friends, family and guests see as they pull up to your driveway. Guarantee that your home makes a wonderful first impression by updating that unsightly exterior siding. Even better, take your curb appeal to the next level with trendy and durable wood siding for your home. Natural and synthetic wood siding products are one of the most popular home building materials available in 2016. Wood is known for its beautiful natural finish, long lasting durability and surprisingly affordable price. Homes with wood siding have a fantastic classic look that can be modified with paint and stain finishes giving the home a more unique and contemporary feel.  Read ahead for our helpful guide to the best house wood siding options filled with easy diy design solutions, trend reports and product reviews. Here you will find fantastic wood siding ideas and pictures that will inspire you to transform the look of your home with this fabulous material.



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Great home siding serves many practical and decorative purposes. It provides essential weather protection and insulation against the elements as well as enhances the natural beauty of the architecture while helping to establish the design foundation for your landscape decor. Wood is one of the best types of siding for homes because of its gorgeous organic appearance, limited maintenance requirements and relatively low costs. This is one of the most versatile types of house siding as it is available in many different designs, materials and finishes that will blend seamlessly with nearly any design scheme or architectural style. There are several different options of common wood siding for homes. Cedar lumber, pine wood and traditional clapboard are the three most widely used products on the market today. Unlike brick siding, wood is quick to install and can be easily customized to fit the ever changing trends and look of your home. Browse our galleries filled with photos of beautiful homes with wood siding to discover the options available for your house.



Beautiful wood siding is one of the best products for your home’s exterior on the market today. Unlike cheap siding options such as aluminum or vinyl, wood will keep your home looking fresh and new for years to come. Aluminum siding prices make it a common choice for uninformed diy home remodelers because they believe that they are getting a good product at a bargain price. This is certainly not the case. Although prices for wood may be slightly higher, it is well worth the investment because you will have a beautiful exterior free of maintenance and rust for much longer than other faux products. Even better, installation takes no time at all. For the same reason, replace those cheap but unsightly home vinyl siding products with rustic wood in order to give your property that popular natural look even on a budget. Stunning cedar shake shingles or simple wood paneling will instantly transform an ordinary home into an unforgettable dwelling. Using our easy siding calculator and diy guides for installing wood products you can refinish your house for very little cost.


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As you search for the perfect natural siding product for your home, be sure to avoid those highly advertised fake wood materials. Although they have a nearly identical look, cheaper composite wood products have lower quality and durability. For example, avoid fiber cement siding products that have the appearance of natural shingles or boards because they are actually composed of composite materials without any natural wood. This frequently results in numerous refinishing and repair costs. To avoid these errors, find a hardy plank siding that is visually interesting and able to withstand the elements. Gorgeous weathered western red cedar lumbar or antique wood barn siding has withstood the test of time and will revamp the exterior of your home with its rich timeless beauty. There are even a few alternative wood products on the market worth a look. Engineered wood brings the workability and long lasting beauty of natural materials without the frustrating uneven grain or high price tag. Whether you choose a contemporary engineered wood or classic cedar boards these products will keep your home well insulated and looking fabulous for years to come.

Another great way to utilize ordinary wood siding is staining it to perfectly coordinate with other exterior features such as existing house siding colors or landscape elements.  Learning how to stain wood siding yourself is very easy and can instantly makeover the exterior décor style. To save money and stay under budget check out building supply outlets or home improvement warehouses for the best deals on quality products that you can finish yourself as opposed to relying on costly siding installers. Lowes siding is a great option for homeowners who want to transform their home with the beautiful look of natural wood without spending an arm and a leg. Installing bare tongue and groove or ship lap pine wood siding is a great way to utilize this technique. Once stained, this classically cut construction gives the exterior the unique look of a log cabin and will provide your home with stunning curb appeal. If you prefer a bolder more colorful look, avoid bland stains and paint with vibrant hues. A simple coat of brightly colored paint will transform traditional bevel siding.


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If you prefer the appearance of vertical siding try classic board and batten construction to give your home that wonderfully rustic feel. This very traditional style consists of wide boards attached to the bare sheathing of the house with narrower batten boards overlaying the seams. Wood siding of this design can create a distinctive look on an entire home exterior or on simple accent areas. Highly textured cedar shake siding is another unique high quality option with endless style potential that will easily enhance nearly any design scheme. It is important to note that cedar wood shingles do require more maintenance than other siding varieties due to their susceptibility to insect damage and tendency to fade. These minor issues are very easy to solve with a few preventative measures.  First, be sure to seal it in order to preserve and protect the wood from natural elements. Next, stain to enhance the natural beauty of the grain and clean regularly to avoid unsightly dirt buildup. Wood siding is such an incredibly diverse product that is sure to generate unforgettable exterior design.


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