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Vinyl Siding


Vinyl siding is a great material to use to improve the appearance of your house because it is both attractive and functional. For diy home remodelers, curb appeal is an important aspect to consider. The look of the exterior of your home is an important feature because this is the first thing that neighbors and visitors will see when then pass by. As a result, many homeowners look for ways to enhance the look of their home by revamping the external walls. You can choose from many different types of vinyl siding for homes, including basic styles with board paneling or more elaborate designs such as those with textures, colors, and patterns to resemble various materials. In addition to its visual appeal, the top 2016 vinyl siding reviews suggest that this is a superior material to use on the exterior of your house because it is very durable, weather resistant and budget friendly. Here we provide quality information about this product as well as multiple photo galleries filled with pictures of exterior vinyl siding design ideas and styles to help you incorporate this material into your home.



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When renovating home exteriors, the first thing to consider is functionality. You will want to choose a material that is long lasting, weather resistant, and will protect the interior of your house. Vinyl has been termed one of the best types of house siding because it is affordable, durable, weather resistant and capable of withstanding a significant amount of wear and tear. Siding manufacturers have been producing and selling vinyl products for decades because of its practicality and attractiveness. Installing vinyl siding is a great choice for homeowners looking to add to their home because not only is it cheap, but it comes in a multitude of styles, colors, and designs. Vinyl comes in both horizontal and vertical siding options, with the most basic styles resembling wood panels. This style will provide you with the simplest look for your house and can be found in a variety of popular exterior home siding colors such as shades of white, gray, blue and brown. To add a more elegant appeal to your home, consider installing window trim or other fashionable trim options.



In addition to the most basic styles, these exterior siding panels can also be designed to mimic other types of common house materials such as wood or brick.  Vinyl siding that looks like wood is a popular option for homeowners wanting to add a natural look to their property. You can purchase wood grain vinyl siding that contains the textures and granule appearance of natural wood. One of the top styles to use in 2016 is cedar siding. Cedar shake siding is a popular choice among homeowners looking to add an effortless aesthetic appeal to the house with a beautiful vertical grain. Real cedar siding can be painted or stained to take on any color you desire however, the installation cost tends to be pricey. As a result, many people choose to use cedar shake vinyl siding that is made to resemble the real wood at half the cost. Wood vinyl siding comes in panels, boards, or shingles that can be easily installed. Shingle siding is popularly used in colonial styled homes because they add a symmetrical feature that pairs well with large brick chimneys that are characteristic of this style.


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The shingles tend to be cut into small rectangles that encompass the house to provide a stunning appearance. If you prefer a less textured look, consider using panels, or clapboard. Clapboard is used for more traditional styled homes and these horizontal boards overlap to create a beautiful surface for your wall. Other wood siding types that can be made from vinyl include panels that take on a log cabin look. This is an extremely popular material to use because it allows you to build that log cabin you’ve always wanted without having to worry about the price. Not only is wood vinyl cheaper, but with this material you do not have to worry about rot or insect infestation because it is made from plastic pvc siding. Although wood is a common choice, other popular siding choices include brick and stone. Brick siding is a top choice among homeowners who want a traditional or contemporary look for their house because its rich, bold colors gives the residence a sense of character and history. The downside of using brink on your abode is its expensive price.

Luckily, you can purchase vinyl siding that looks like brick to cut down on the cost and achieve the same look. Faux brick siding allows you to recreate the timeless beauty of natural masonry without worrying about the high price per square foot and difficult installation process. It is constructed from plastics and high density polyurethane that creates a long lasting exterior for your home. In addition to its low cost, brick vinyl siding is very easy to install, making it the perfect choice for the diy homeowner. Another fashionable design for the external walls of the home is stone looking vinyl siding. Stone is a material that has been used for both remodeling and new construction to provide a unique beauty to your home. Although this material adds an aesthetic appeal to your house that no other product can, stone siding in both expensive and difficult to install. As a result, many homeowners choose the synthetic version. Vinyl stone siding is made of pvc or other synthetic materials that are used in place of natural stone to cut down on cost as well as installation hassle.


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This type of siding comes in panels or blocks that are made from casted impressions of real stone and comes in various shades of browns and grays, as well as patterns that resemble granite, travertine or river rock. The advantage of vinyl stone siding is its affordability and easy maintenance, however one disadvantage is that is does not last as long as the real thing. Fortunately, you can purchase repair kits and replacement panels should your siding become damaged or dislodged. If you are looking for a more insulated siding, consider using materials such as aluminum. Aluminum siding is a common product used in home construction and is both durable and inexpensive. In addition, this material tends to not to damage as easily as vinyl because it can withstand being bent or hit without breaking. The benefits of vinyl vs aluminum vary, but aluminum siding is more durable as well as a naturally occurring metal. To receive the advantages of both vinyl and aluminum, consider using alcoa mastic vinyl siding, a product that is better insulated than both materials alone.


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