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Siding Colors


Choosing siding colors for your home is a critical task in creating the perfect design scheme for your abode. Not only does it set the mood for the entire look of your home, but the color scheme of your siding contributes to the curb appeal, highlights certain architectural features, and is a key contributor in increasing the resale value. The styles and colors a homeowner chooses to use on the external walls will cause them to blend in with the rest of the block or help to set them apart from the whole neighborhood. Create a stylish and welcoming environment this summer by revamping your home through painting or replacing your house siding. Because house siding is such a versatile product, you can create an attractive and unique look for your home. You can choose from a variety of colors, textures, and patterns ranging from basic aluminum siding to more elegant styles such as those designed to look like wood or brick. As a result, we offer a surplus of information and photo galleries filled with 2016’s latest trends to help you choose the best siding colors for a house.



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As stated earlier, there are many different types of siding for homes including aluminum, vinyl, wood, brick, and cement. All of these materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, however, each come in an assortment of different colors and patterns. Siding color schemes range between the most basic and neutral combination of whites and creams, to more bright and striking blends of hues. The most popular exterior house colors for this season are whites and creams. These neutral tones not only blend well with other house siding materials and trim, but they also work well on their own. These classic colors look great on vinyl homes and contrast nicely with the dark and rich shades of brick siding. Whites and cream hues are also commonly used as siding trim and shutter color in combination with other darker or brighter tones because they stand out against them so nicely. In addition, using white sidding colors are great to use on small homes because it creates a flowing, and open look that you can use to make it appear larger.


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Gray is a great color to paint aluminum siding as well as other common house materials, because it brings a crisp, clean look to your home. Gray siding colors come in an assortment of shades, ranging from light silver hues to darker, more powerful slate tones. Although you should choose the shade based on the style you would like to bring to your home, no matter what tint you use, gray siding and roof colors will create a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. To further enhance the tasteful style gray will bring about, many homeowners choose color schemes for an exterior home that incorporate blues into the house siding design ideas. Varying shades of blue are perfect for your home color palette because they invoke and calming and welcoming environment. Lighter shades of blues are perfect to offset the gray colors of fiber cement siding and can be used as either the main paint hue or in your trim and vertical siding. Dark shades of blues, however, are often used as accents for house shutter colors in combination with white, creams, and yellows.

Blues and gray combinations have been ranked as the best exterior home colors used by both siding contractors and homeowners alike, because of the unique and peaceful energy the pair bring about. Another common, and exciting, color to use on your exterior wood siding is varying shades of red. Red is the color of power, strength, and energy that creates a stunning look for your home. Deep shades of red that mimic exterior brick paint colors create an elegant feel that complement the natural hues present in the surrounding landscape. In addition, red is a great choice for houses with white or black shutters as it provides a nice contrast. If red is too bold for you, consider using a more natural, but still vivid color such as green. Green cedar shingle siding is the ideal choice for homeowners wishing to create a look that is both welcoming and attractive against the stunning colors of the surrounding foliage of the landscape. Think about pairing varying shades of cedar shake siding including green with black, brown, or beige to further highlight the beauty of your landscape.


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For those looking for exterior paint ideas that contain more excitement than plain white, but still want to maintain a neutral color pallet, consider using shades of yellow. Yellow is ranked as one of the top choices for lowes siding colors because it offers a nice contrast to the landscape and creates a beautiful and bright appearance for your home. Just like white, lighter shades of yellow can be used to create the illusion of a larger surface area of your home. Yellow siding colors tend to go well with shades of brown and gray because they offer a touch of contrast while still maintaining a neutral palette color matching scheme. Brown and gray can be used as primary colors for homes and are great for dusty and muddy areas because they hide dirt better than light hues. Gray is the more popular choice to use on smaller homes because, like whites, it tends to enhance the size of the home’s visual appearance. Darker exterior paint schemes like brown is great for larger homes because they bring on a sense of stability and comfort without decreasing the size of the house.

If you are having trouble choosing the right color to paint or replace your house siding, consider enlisting the help of a professional or using free online software to create a gorgeous outdoor design. There are a variety of color palette designer tools available online that determine the best accent tones to use depending upon your main hue. In addition, when purchasing siding installation at your local home improvement store, or online, you can view their designer images to determine which colors work best together. Vinyl siding cost sometimes varies based on the colors you choose, however it is often easier to pick materials that are already tinted or textured to make your remodeling process easier. Whether you choose to purchase pre-tinted hardi board siding materials or paint it on your own, make sure to choose your color scheme wisely. With our helpful tips and advice on most popular color schemes for hardi plank siding and other exterior home materials, you can maintain an aesthetically pleasing focal point for your property for years to come.

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